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Window Repair Las Vegas PowerPoint Presentation
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Window Repair Las Vegas

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Window Repair Las Vegas
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Window Repair Las Vegas

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  1. Window and door are important to a house. Its prevent trespassing from uninvited being such as thief and animal. Without these two things, we will never feel our house a home. A good home needs a good window and a good door, to make us feel protected. Is your house ever broken into before? Nowadays, thief is cleverer than we ever know. Because of that, we need to improve our home security starting from windows and doors. Las Vegas is internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, nightlife and many more. The city also well known for its crime including hem robbery, thus makes window and door are very important for safety. Firstly, let’s talk about window. There are many types of windows. From an awning, to a side slide. From a wood to a glass. A window makes from wood is more durable than glass, still the glass window is the most popular window. If you have broken windows, the first thing need to sure is to consider is if it needs to repair or replace it. For whom money is nothing, go for replace. For whom money is everything, you should go for repair. Do you know how to repair a window? Here i will show you some steps to repair a window. First, remove the window from the casing if possible. Take the door with the broken window of the hinges. Second, dispose of the broken glass. Third, remove any remaining old caulk with the putty knife. Fourth insert a new glass to the frame.

  2. Fifth, find the spot where the old glazier points were and put new ones. Sixth, prepare the glazing compound. Using the flat edge of the glazier tool or putty knife, scoop of putty from your hand and spread it into the shelf area at any point. Best not to start in a corner. Lastly, clean any spillage on the glass. If you think repair is hard, replacing is suitable for you. Choosing a right window is very important. If you didn’t have a time to make a survey then you should go for the expensive one. An expensive window usually has more features and more trusty. There is not much saying about the door, since it has similarity to the window. But, mostly, door needs to replace when broken. If not a whole door needs to replace, it must be its knob. For a more security, buy a code lock door but it’s bit pricey. Windows and doors are the gateway to your perfect home. Choose wisely for our privacy, security and comfort. Thank you.