Opex savings utilizing filtek technology
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OPEX Savings Utilizing Filtek Technology. Agenda. 01 Introduction: What does Filtek Offer? 02 Why Service the Generator every 250 hours? 03 What is Filtek 04 Filtek oil Filter Technology 05 Filtek fuel Filter Technology 07 Savings Calculation 08 Practical considerations

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Opex savings utilizing filtek technology

OPEX SavingsUtilizing Filtek Technology


  • 01 Introduction: What does Filtek Offer?

  • 02 Why Service the Generator every 250 hours?

    03 What is Filtek

  • 04 Filtek oil Filter Technology

  • 05 Filtek fuel Filter Technology

  • 07 Savings Calculation

  • 08 Practical considerations

  • 09 Project financial proposal

  • 10 Recommended action plan

  • Filtek - replacement Element

Introduction what does filtek offer
Introduction - What does Filtek Offer?

As the manager of thousands of Generators, Telco Companies should consider the “overlooked issue” of Genset Oil Life Cycle, and how to achieve optimum availability the of your Generators for the Least Whole of Life Cost.

The Filtek oil and fuel filtration 1,000 hour extended oil and filter solution will enable Telco Companies to save +50% of service and maintenance OPEX.

Reduce fuel consumption by minimum of 5% .

Significant reduction of generator maintenance including fuel injection system.

4. No excess oil is used.

5. Generator service life is extended by up to 100%.

Earn Carbon Credits from the +75% reduction of used oil

Why service your generator every 250hrs
Why service your generator every 250hrs?

Except under very unusual circumstances, Oil does not wear out, break down or otherwise deteriorate to such an extent that it needs to be replaced. What happens is that it becomes contaminated with water, acids, carbon particulate, sludge and fuel so it can no longer provide the desired degree of protection for engine components.”

Ref: Mobil Bulletin 863

The ISSUE is that standard spin-on and centrifugal oil and fuel filters can not remove water in emulsion that increase oil oxidation x 10 nor can they filter to absolute 3 micron.


  • A typical Generator used on Telecomm Tower Sites

What is filtek
What is Filtek?

  • The Filtek System consist of two Filter Canisters, each housing one Filter Element:

  • – An Oil Filter, and

  • – A Fuel Filter

Implementing a Filtek Oil Filter will extend the oil drain service interval dramatically from 250 hours to 1,000 hours.

Implementing a ProtxL Fuel Filter will break the engine oil acid cycle and provide a guaranteed immediate minimum 5% fuel savings.

Filtek oil filter technology
Filtek Oil Filter Technology

  • Filtek oil filtration filters contamination to ISO 16/14/12 cleanliness standard and Filtek fuel filtration filters 100% of moisture in emulsion to break the engine oil acid cycle. Hence the engine oil additive package including the TBN is conserved.

  • This extremely high filtration standard allowsTelco Companiesthe ability to run the engine longer hours before the next oil change, and:

  • Produce spectacular improvement in the life and availability of the Genset

  • With service and maintenance OPEX savings of +50%, or even as high as 65%!


  • ProtxL Oil Filter replacement on the Generator

Filtek fuel filter technology
FiltekFuel Filter Technology

  • The Filtek Fuel filter removescontaminants in the fuel to a far higher standard than existing installed OEM fuel filters. This better ProtxL fuel filtration gives Telco Companiesthe ability to:

  • Maintain new engine emission standards for significantly longer.

  • Simultaneously improve fuel economy by 5% - 13%.

  • Dramatically reduce repairs, including on fuel pumps and injectors.

  • Increased machine availability and extend life of all hydraulic components, pumps, servo-valves and other parts


  • Filtek Fuel Filter

Filtek additional partnership benefits
Filtek Additional Partnership Benefits

  • A Filtek installation in Telco Companies Network would certainly:

    • Provide the highest possible return on Genset Capex investment.

  • Help to meet new environmental requirements with +75% less oil disposal (refer Telco Companies Environmentaland Social Management Plan)

    • Green the American Tower corporate profile and increase profitability with Carbon credits.

  • Photo: Nigeria oil disposal in the street outside Telecom site

Over 50% of all telecom CO2 emissions are from infrastructure

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Savings calculation
Savings Calculation

Filtek has developed an extensive model to calculate the potential OPEX savings which may be achieved.

There are several factors that could influence actual savings.

This Excel model is available for Telco Companiesmanagement for its own verification.

Practical considerations
Practical Considerations

  • Filtek installation and maintenance is straight forward:

  • Training will be provided for free

  • ProtxL would engage local country staff for installations.

    • ProtxL is a by-pass and “add-on” system and therefore does not affect the warranty by the Engine manufacturer.

  • Our sincere goal is to become a close partner to Telco Companies ,to help assist in its drive for its successful Africa expansion.