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Where I’m From

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Where I’m From. By Jocelyn Kent. Jocelyn Kent.

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where i m from

Where I’m From

By Jocelyn Kent

jocelyn kent
Jocelyn Kent

I am an Education Specialist for the Tehama County Department of Education. I have been working for TCDE for 6 years. My first 5 years I worked as a Juvenile Hall Instructor in Tehama County Juvenile Detention Facility Court School. This last year I taught special education at 5 different school sites.

tehama county juvenile detention facility court school jjc
Tehama County Juvenile Detention Facility Court School (JJC)
  • Lock down facility
  • 3 pods
    • Day room
    • 15 cells (single or double)
    • Classroom
  • Direct instruction to all students
    • Math, language arts, history, science, art, elective, and p. e.
  • Population
  • Types of crimes
  • Repeat offense
  • My schedule
sacramento river discovery charter school
Sacramento River Discovery Charter School
  • 6-12 grade school
  • Student population
  • Type of charter
  • My schedule
lincoln street school
Lincoln Street School
  • Independent Study School (Home School)
  • K-8th grade
  • Student population
  • My schedule
flournoy elementary school
Flournoy Elementary School
  • K-8 grade school
  • Student population
  • My schedule
elkins elementary school
Elkins Elementary School
  • K-8 grade school
  • Student population
  • My schedule
  • How can I engage my students in writing during the short time that I have them?

As I prepare this presentation I wonder:

  • How can I help the teaching I do carry over into the classroom?
  • W.2.2 Write brief expository descriptions of a real object, person, place, or event, using sensory details.
  • W.1.8. With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.

California State Standards

Common Core Standards

  • 7 years old- 1st grade
  • Lives with her grandparents
    • Her sister moved in this past winter
  • Social Skills
  • Special education
  • Behavior
  • Academics
  • 7 years old- 1st grade
  • Lives with her parents and two little brothers
  • Social skills
  • Special education
  • Behavior
  • Academics
  • 7 years old- 1st grade
  • Lives with his grandmother, aunt and uncle, and numerous cousins
  • Social skills
  • Special education
  • Behavior
  • Academics
  • 13 years old- 6th grade
  • Lives with her guardians and siblings
  • Social skills
  • Special education
  • Behavior
  • Academics
other student examples
Other student examples

Where I’m From….               by Lauren

I ‘m from baths in the kitchen sink,From Downy and Mom’s perfumeI am from flowers by the fence  (yellow and springy they tasted like crayons).I am from the ivy crawling up the house,The baby tree whose sturdy trunk shot from the groundA mirror image of my planted feet.

I’m from sprinkles and plastic table donut shopsFrom Bert and ErnieI’m from stupid heads and dot dot I got my cootie shotFrom don’t touch this and don’t touch that.I’m from Hymn No. 96 and why is this piece of bread so small?And bible crafts made from neon pipe cleaners.

I’m from Bill and Darlene’s branchFrom hot soup and freshly baked corn breadFrom the Well, when I was little’s and the snowy games Told to me by Green Bay Packer season ticket holdersIn the storage room are boxesOverflowing with shiny, color-coated memoriesBundles of dreams kept aliveTo ask my mother about.

 I am from those momentsA leaf changing color with the weatherTime only strengthens the branch that holds me.

“I’m From the Woods….”      by Nick

 I’m from the woods and the creek behind my fence From the gray wooden backyard deck. I’m from the honeysuckles,The pear trees by the neighbor’s garden From the creek when I swing over it.

I’m from the yellow walls of Grandma’s kitchenFrom the Yorkshire pup, the coolest thing in my family.I’m from macaroni pictures of the ArkFrom “I just can’t snap my fingers and make it happen” and from David the Gnome in summers long ago.

I’m from my mom’s side of the family,From roasting turkeys for each holiday,From when Papaw yelled at his boss and got firedFrom the family pictures in the big wooden cabinet andFrom the family gathering when we drag them out.

I am from those moments.A root that no one sees, but walks all overAn important part of the tree.”


..\..\16 Curriculum\ELA\Writing Activities\I am from\iamfrompoem.pdf

  • ..\..\16 Curriculum\ELA\Writing Activities\I am from\I Am From mrs kent.docx

Where I’m From template

Mrs. Kent’s Example

student work
Student Work
  • ..\..\2 Flournoy\Hardy, Samantha\2011-2012 School year\Samantha's I am from poem.docx
  • ..\..\2 Flournoy\Hill, Makylah\2011-2012 School Year\Where I'm From Makylah.docx
  • ..\..\2 Flournoy\Bailey, Hayley\2011-2012 School year\where i'm from hayley.pdf
word wall
Word wall

What I would have done differently.

  • ..\..\..\Downloads\familytraitstrivia.pdf
  • http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Traits
  • http://www.gurusoftware.com/gurunet/personal/factors.htm
a ccommodations modifications for writing
Accommodations/Modificationsfor writing
  • Use video or audio record for students to get their story out of their head
  • Let students use a word processor
  • Let students dictate their work to a teaching assistant or class mate who will write it down
  • Let students use adaptive devices: pencil grips or special pen or pencil holders, raised or color-coded lines
  • Let students use a thesaurus to find words to write or say
additional accommodations modifications
Additional Accommodations/Modifications
  • Let students use special word processing software that anticipates what students are trying to write.
  • Let students use a spelling dictionary or electronic spelling aid
  • Grade content and mechanics separately in written assignments. Give students a chance to correct spelling and grammar errors