the bermuda triangle n.
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The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle : a place where things disappeared These events make the area mysterious and fascinating. What is the Bermuda Triangle?. When was the name used? Who invented the name?. When: 1964 Who: Vincent H. Gaddis. not used until 1964

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The Bermuda Triangle

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    1. The Bermuda Triangle

    2. The Bermuda Triangle : a place where things disappeared These events make the area mysterious and fascinating.

    3. What is the Bermuda Triangle?

    4. When was the name used?Who invented the name?

    5. When: 1964Who: Vincent H. Gaddis not used until 1964 appeared in an article by Gaddis in the magazine Argosy

    6. What happened in the area?

    7. Events in Focus The First Strange Event The Most Famous Event

    8. 1492 Strange thingsreported by Columbus • The first event recorded in history • Seeing “strange dancing lights on the horizon” in the sky

    9. 1945 Flight 19 • The most famous of all disappearances • 5 U.S. Navy planes and their • 14 crewmen vanished • A rescue plane sent • to find them vanished, too.

    10. What is at the Bermuda Triangle?

    11. Magnetic Anomalies (磁場異常): • strange and unusual magnetic power • The magnetic field here is not stable.

    12. Unpredictable weather: The weather changes very often Thunderstorms occur a lot

    13. Alien abduction(外星人綁架): • Things were taken away by aliens • Aliens use the place as a kind of • collection station

    14. Time warp (時空轉移): People or objects are moved from one period of time to another

    15. Atlantis (亞特蘭提斯城): • A highly civilized (文明) city • The ancient lost city has some kind • of strange power.

    16. POP QUIZ!! How much do you know about the “Bermuda Triangle?” ? ?

    17. Q1: Where is the Bermuda Triangle? An area between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

    18. Q2: Who was the first one to record something strange in the area? Christopher Columbus

    19. Q3: Who invented the name "Bermuda Triangle?" Vincent H. Gaddis

    20. Q4: When did the name appear for the first time? 1964

    21. Q5: What was the most famous disappearance in the area? The disappearance of Flight 19

    22. Q6: Can you name any likely reason to explain the disappearances in the area? Magnetic Anomalies, Unpredictable Weather, Alien Abduction, Time Warp, Atlantis

    23. The End!!

    24. Black Holes

    25. 1918 The U.S. Navy ship Cyclops The U.S. Navy ship , and all three hundred people on board, disappeared completely

    26. 1941 The Proteus and the Nereus The two U.S. ships vanished traveling from the Virgin Islands to the U.S.A. Proteus Nereus

    27. 1954 Super Constellation A large aircraft have disappeared with 42 passengers aboard.

    28. 1962 Air Force KB-50 tanker An aircraft with 8 crew members vanished

    29. 1968 Scorpion The nuclear=powered submarine with a crew of 99