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Bot-Busters. Shingle Springs Robotics Inc. Old Business. Team Info.

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  1. Bot-Busters Shingle Springs Robotics Inc.

  2. Old Business

  3. Team Info Bot-Busters is a FIRST FRC team. Dean Kamen is the founder of FIRST and inventor of the segway. He has asked that us to spread the FIRST brand and to tell people that we are a FIRST robotics team. Currently we do not have an official name because that is the name of an organization that sponsors us. So currently we are only the Bot-Busters (hence the [Your Name Here] Robotics). Our logo is in the upper left hand corner and is on our official letterhead. I would strongly suggest to not put the letterhead on any documents. The letterhead represents our team and puts ownership to any documents it is on. Our slogan is "Where the Bots go Bad."

  4. Fundraising Cons • Everyone has to do fundraising Pros • More people for the other sub-groups Fundraising is a very important aspect of this team and we need to do alot of it. Currently, due to the shortage of members we have to vote on whether or not we will be keeping the F&F team during the off-season build.

  5. Team Committee We need to make a decision on whether to add ASLs to the Team Committee Pros • More Input on the Committee Cons • More Input on the Committee

  6. New Business

  7. GLaDOS Lessons Programming is a very complicated part of robotics. We're not going to let any of this go out into the wild until it is good and ready. So as long as you keep in peak mental condition, there will always be a limo waiting. We have to make sure that our programmers are best in their field so we can have a seemless build.

  8. GLaDOSVideo Game GLaDOS has decided that they will be doing a video game as there off-season project. There are spots open for everyone on the team so you can all be part.

  9. Fabrication Lessons I will be giving pneumatics lessons to all people in fabrication.

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