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Word of Mouth wordofmouth.algomorph.com. Steven Dobek, Gregory Kramida , Jason Corekin. The Problem. Find a better solution for business networking. Create a better way for businesses to find, partner, and communicate with each other.

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word of mouth wordofmouth algomorph com

Word of Mouthwordofmouth.algomorph.com

Steven Dobek, Gregory Kramida, Jason Corekin

the problem
The Problem

Find a better solution for business networking.

Create a better way for businesses to find, partner, and communicate with each other.

Focus purely on business to business interaction, with no outside influence.

Eventually create a way to rate and review businesses. Would only come from other businesses.

current solutions
Current Solutions
  • Angie’s List:
    • What it does: Lets users to post reviews for contracts, small businesses, and doctors.
    • Where it fails: Users must create an account and log in to view.
  • Yelp:
    • What it does: Users can review restaurants with ratings and written reviews.
    • Where it fails: Focus is only on restaurants.
current solutions1
Current Solutions
  • Google Maps
    • What it does: helps consumers locate and rate places of interest.
    • Where it fails: More of a customer tool than a business tool (i.e. no logos, product listings…).
  • Ryze
    • What it does: allows the businesses to join or form “groups” (forum-like)
    • Where it fails: no individual networking – just groups.
our approach
Our Approach
  • Let users make a profile for their business, including schedules, location, and product pricing.
  • Find other businesses using a Google Maps interface.
  • Partner with the business, and communicate by sending updates and messages.
  • All yours, Greg!
user test
User Test
  • 8 tasks to perform:

1. Create an account

(make up a business if you don’t have one)2. Login with account (sign out if needed).3. Edit user information.4. Create a schedule (leave at least one field closed).5. Add an update.6. View the schedule information and update.7. Go to the map and locate the search option.8. Sign-off.

test results
Test Results
  • 4 users.
  • Likert Questions:
    • Asked how the overall experience was.
      • Average Rating: 4.5
    • Asked how useful they thought it was.
      • Average Rating: 4.5
  • Also asked for their thoughts on the features and where they found difficulties.
test results main issues
Test Results – Main Issues
  • Visibility – Users found it difficult to locate their schedule, update box, and save button.
  • Mapping – When asked to create an update, most users went to click on the “View Updates” tab, instead of the edit button in their profile.
  • When creating an account, an icon appeared saying “Bad Address” if the address was only partially entered.
  • Also, user could not login by hitting the enter key. Had to click the button.
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Bad things happen, and you must adapt (i.e. one of our key members became too ill to work).
  • Things that seem obvious to us may not be obvious to users.
  • Trying to work in the same room can make things distracting.
  • Code reuse is essential.
  • Coders code in different ways. This can make things challenging when working with each other’s code.