the 5 stages of entrepreneurship by wilson luna n.
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Wilson Luna - The 5 Stages of Entrepreneurship

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Wilson Luna - The 5 Stages of Entrepreneurship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wilson Luna is an International Business Coach, Best-Selling-Author and Self-Made Millionaire who today coaching and inspiring entrepreneurs globally to achieve success through his private online entrepreneur training hub WILSONLUNA TV, Live Seminars and CEO Destiny Retreats.

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Stage 1 of Entrepreneurship: ENVISION

  • You must know where you’re going in order to get there. If a vision isn’t big enough no one is going be enrolled to “follow” or support you.
  • Unless people can see detail in your vision you will not attract the people you need to deliver on it. A vision alone is not enough. Put in the detail of how you will achieve this vision.
  • This is why I have left brainers (the analytical) and right brainers (the creative/dreamers) in my organisations. It gives a balance of big thinking and detail.


Stage 2 of Entrepreneurship:


  • You must enroll the right people for the right job. Don’t try and change anybody, just hire the right people that can execute the job you need him or her too do.
  • Get on the best people. Hire people that are 10X better than you at what you need them to do.
  • A KEY point here; whenever you enroll others in things like Joint Ventures or Partnerships stop spending days, weeks, and months on negotiating. Give them as much as you can, so then they are enrolled because this way when you win they win.


Stage 3 of Entrepreneurship:


  • STOP putting others as the front person of your organisation. You MUST be the front man/woman of your organisation. Putting others in the forefront is just taking you away from your main task.
  • Get out there more than anyone in your company or team.
  • This will build confidence internally, externally and with everyone! This is the game.


Stage 4 of Entrepreneurship: EMPOWER

  • Empower everybody around you and make sure they win by being apart of your team. Entrepreneurship is a WIN WIN WIN model, NOT just WIN WIN. That extra win for everybody else is what differentiates you from the rest.
  • Make sure you admire these people (staff, partners etc) and work with them to let them become even bigger than you. Don’t try to keep them down because you’re the “boss”. If they fly you fly.
  • Bill Gates said it best… “I failed in some subjects in exams, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft”. The Entrepreneur is the leader not the most intelligent.


Stage 5 of Entrepreneurship: EVALUATE

  • Last part SO important. Evaluate every single time. A problem comes up? Stop being the person that talks about the problem and be the person that comes up with the solutions to the problems.
  • There are people love being in problems, typically I find this is ‘Left Brainers’. They love analyzing way too much. Get out of analysing the problem and just look for the solution.
  • Analogy: When a plane is of course does the pilot sit there and say “Oh no we are of course” and start panicking and staying in that problem? NO! They adjust, adjust more, and then adjust again, until they are back on course. The same goes for entrepreneurship.


Thank you taking the time to read this content and I hope this has added value to you.

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