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  1. PREPAID CARDS What are Prepaid cards And how do you use your prepaid card.

  2. PREPAID CARD • It’s just like any credit or debit card that a bank or building society will issue to you when you open an account with them. • But there is a slight difference: • 1, You can’t draw any cash with the Prepaid Card what so ever. • 2, You will not be able to sign any cheques as you will not be issued with a cheque book with the Prepaid card.

  3. Changing from your bank to prepaid card. • Don’t close your Direct Payment Bank Account till everything is up and running with your Prepaid Card Account. • When you receive your Prepaid Card you will have to activate the card and the Direct Payment Team will help you and advise you on how to activate your Prepaid Card.

  4. To activate your card you will need: • 1 Your Name: • 2 Your date of Birth: • 3 Password which you need to remember when you are making payments by BACs or by Phone: • Your Prepaid Card can be activated by Phone:

  5. Now your Prepaid Card is Activated: • What is next? • You will need to enter all details of your P. As. or carers, agency's who are supplying any care services to you and anyone else that you are paying within your care package from your Local Authority in your Borough. • Please make sure that you have the correct details of all people who you pay as this is very important when paying you P. As, Carers or Agency’s who give you a service within your care package.

  6. GETTING USED TO YOUR PREPAID ACCOUNT: • Now your Prepaid Card activated and you have entered in all the details of people that you are going to pay from this account. • Explore and familiarise yourself in how everything works within your Prepaid Card Account. • Now transfer your funds from your Direct Payments Account into your Prepaid Account and close the Direct Payment bank account.

  7. MANAGED ACCOUNTS: • If your are on managed accounts: • You will need to check all time sheets, invoices etc. before you send them into the council for payment. • Make sure that you keep a copy of everything that you send into the council for paying and you need a statement from time to time for your own records. • Records should be kept for 7 years.

  8. MANAGED ACCOUNTS: • Your council may charge a one off fee for setting up your managed account and may also charge a monthly fee for managing your account. • This one off set up fee and monthly charge fee maybe built into your Care Plan but do make sure that you speak to the Direct Payment team about this.

  9. FEW TIPS TO REMEMBER: • Keep your card safe: • Never tell anyone your card details: • Never tell anyone your password: • Never give your card to anyone: • Make sure that you check all time sheets, invoices and any other payments that you have to pay through care package and keep copies of everything for your own records. • If at any time there is a change within your needs make sure that you contact your Social Worker and the Direct Payment Team.