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Hobbits. Hobbits. Tolkien’s Work. Hobbits are portrayed as similar to humans. T hey often times succumb to the temptations that life presents. Frodo is tempted by the ring through its power and falls under immense pressure with the power it brings .

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tolkien s work
Tolkien’s Work
  • Hobbits are portrayed as similar to humans.
  • They often times succumb to the temptations that life presents.
  • Frodo is tempted by the ring through its power and falls under immense pressure with the power it brings.
  • In the book there are several situations in which the hobbits are presented with tempting matters.
tolkien s work1
Tolkien’s Work
  • Smeagol stole the ring initially from his friend, Deagol. ““Because it’s my birthday, my love, and I wants it, “” he said to his friend. Smeagol turned vicious in an attempt to retrieve the ring and showed his corrupted side when he “caught Deagol by the throat and strangled him, because the gold looked so bright and beautiful.” (Tolkien 53)
  • Pippin also fell victim to an equally tempting situation when he snuck the palantir from the sleeping Gandalf. “Pippin sat with his knees drawn up and the ball between them. He bent low over it, looking like a greedy child stooping over a bowl of food, in a corner away from others.” (Tolkien 592)
  • Pippin exemplifies the easily corruptible mortal who finds it difficult to look away from Medusa’s stone-cold eyes.
  • Farther into the novel, Sam is met with the allure of the ring when he decides he must take it from Frodo to keep it from the enemy. Sam “felt that he had from now on only two choices : to forbear the Ring, though it would torment him; or to claim it, and challenge the Power...” (Tolkien 901) This is a noble decision because Sam has appeared, up until this point, as an indecisive and somewhat weak Hobbit. This action, however completely discounts that theory.
tolkien s work2
Tolkien’s Work
  • Compassion plays a key role in the maturation of the hobbits. They are friends to another, never letting one another make rash decisions without the consolation of a friend. They stick by each other. Frodo even chooses to treat Gollum with a modicum of respect on the journey to Mordor. He says to Gollum, “‘But we won’t let you go, either. You’re full of wickedness and mischief...[y]ou must help us, if you can. One good turn deserves another.’” (Tolkien 615)
  • Another time that Frodo treated Gollum humanely was when a rope was put around his neck and Gollum may have “really [been] in pain...” Sam showed Gollum some kindness when we reassured Gollum that “[they] don’t wish to hurt [Gollum]” (Tolkien 617)
tolkien s work3
Tolkien’s Work
  • A sense of justice is a theme and a trait that the Hobbits exhibit. They feel a sense of doing what’s right. Earlier in the book, when Frodo was first learning about The Ring, he believed that Gollum deserved to die. He claimed that “he [was] as bad as an Orc, and just an enemy.” (Tolkien 59) Gandalf let him know that he can’t choose who lives and who dies because he can’t control it. Sam has the strongest distaste for Gollum’s behavior. He “could have bored holes in Gollum with his eyes, he would have done...[h]is mind was full of doubt.” (Tolkien 638) Sam has never trusted Gollum and wishes he was dead.
tolkien s work4
Tolkien’s Work
  • The last predominant characteristics of Hobbits are their inner courage and extreme loyalty to one another. Sometimes courage lies dormant, like with Sam, and other times it’s more noticeable.
  • But Hobbits are always loyal. In the LOTR, Sam faces Shelob and kills her. He exhibits tremendous courage because he’s willing to stand up for his master, Frodo. (Tolkien 730) This ties in with loyalty as well, as he doesn’t just leave because it may be convenient or easy.
  • Courage is also displayed when Merry stabs the Black Rider. His “sword had stabbed [the Black Rider] from behind, shearing through the black mantle, and passing up beneath the hauberk has pierced the sinew behind his mighty knee.” (Tolkien 842)
fantasy as a whole
Fantasy as a Whole
  • Origins of Gnomes
fantasy as a whole1
Fantasy as a Whole
  • Fairytales & Fantasy Literature of Gnomes
fantasy as a whole2
Fantasy as a Whole
  • Races of Gnomes
  • Friends and Foes

When Sam isn’t around…I am.

fantasy as a whole3
Fantasy as a Whole
  • Characteristics of Gnomes
fantasy as a whole4
Fantasy as a Whole
  • Random Info on Gnomes (will help you get a job…. just kidding)
where tolkien got his idea
Where Tolkien Got His Idea

The Marvelous Land of Snergs by Edward Wyke Sincklair

The Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis

different types of hobbits
Different Types of Hobbits





2-4 feet tall. (Average 3’6)

They dress in bright colors like green and yellow


Hairy feet with leathery soles

Live 100 years

Handy with slingshots


The Valley on Anduin

‘Big people’


Mirkwood & The Misty Mountains

history of the hobbits
History of the Hobbits
  • Where they came from
history of the hobbits1
History of the Hobbits
  • No one is sure where Hobbits really originated from.
strange hobbit facts
Strange Hobbit Facts

Cannot swim

Never die

Always hungry

Little magic

Fierce warriors


Every Kender



hobbits never die
Hobbits never die!!!!

Frodo stabbed

Tasslehoff (dragon lance).

Regis (forgotten realms).

pipe weed
Pipe weed

Pipe weed economy shire

Celeb endorsers

Health effects

real world analogues
Real-World Analogues
  • Hobbits are similar to the Irish.
  • Fun-loving and loyal.
  • Shorter than the average person.
  • Fans of ale and mead.
  • All Stereotypical Irish traits.
real world analogues1
Real-World Analogues
  • From this relationship found between the Irish and the Hobbits, it’s possible that Tolkien was inspired by the Leprechauns for his idea of Halflings.
real world analogues2
Real-World Analogues
  • Leprechauns are:
  • Short.
  • Curly-Haired.
  • Also known for their love

of ale and the finer things.

real world analogues3
Real-World Analogues
  • Real-life Skeletons of short men, found in Flores, Indonesia.
  • Nicknamed “Hobbits”.
  • About 2 to 3 feet tall, on average.
  • Descendant of man.
real world analogues4
Real-World Analogues
  • The hobbit holes that are found in the books and movies of Lord of the Rings inspired a community of homes in Switzerland.

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with weary feet, Until it joins some larger way,

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say.

~ Bilbo Baggins


My precious, shiny balloon…Sam’s jealous cause my balloon is more precious than his Frodo…


This doesn’t look like home…It was those cursed blue-hat gnomes ! I told them that Sauron wasn’t going to give them tie-dye for their hats…



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