D log diesel saver grade 80
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D’log Diesel Saver Grade 80. Benefits: Increases mileage by 10% to 20% Increases Pick Up Cools down the Engine Reduces engine noise Reduces smoke & Pollution (CO) Reduces engine wear & tear Prevents Soot & Carbon deposit Good for Diesel engines.

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Presentation Transcript
D log diesel saver grade 80

D’log Diesel SaverGrade 80


Increases mileage by 10% to 20%

Increases Pick Up

Cools down the Engine

Reduces engine noise

Reduces smoke & Pollution (CO)

Reduces engine wear & tear

Prevents Soot & Carbon deposit

Good for Diesel engines

Where to Use D’log Diesel Saver Grade 80?

  • For use in Trucks & Buses of 80 HP to 200 HP

  • Only for Use in Heavy Commercial Vehicles like:

  • 6 Wheel TATA Trucks like 1210, 1510, 1512, 1612,

  • 1613 or 1615.

  • 6 Wheel Ashok Leyland Trucks like Comet, Bison,

  • Ecomet, Hino, AL 400, 401, 402 engines.

  • Above TATA Buses and above AL Buses.

  • 10 Wheel TATA Trucks like 2213, 2215, 2516.

  • 14 Wheel TATA Trucks like 3516, 4018 & 4021.

  • 10/14 Wheel Ashok Leyland Trucks like Hino Taurus

  • 2214, 2514, 2516, Old model Bison,AL 2516TCAC.

  • Useful for Generators and Boats also of above HP.

  • Not for use in LCV, MCVs, Poclain, JCP, Excavators.

Is d log good for engines how
Is D’log good for engines? How?

Yes.D’log is very good for Diesel engines because:

  • Engine Heating is reduced and Engine becomes cool.

  • Even bonnet can be kept open while running the Truck in mid summer.

  • When heat is reduced wear & tear of the engine is reduced; so D’log extends the useful life of Diesel engines.

  • D’log reduces engine vibrations & noise.

  • Prevents formation of carbon soot inside engine valves and nozzle.

  • Smoke and CO is reduced considerably.

D log is very costly why one should buy d log
D’log is very Costly. Why one should buy D’log?

No. Dlog is not costly. It is very economical.

  • For eg. For Comet Truck 15 ml of D’log for 100 ltrs of Diesel must be added.

  • Cost of 15 ml D’log is Rs.22 only

  • Savings expected is say 8 ltrs @ Rs.35/ltr the savings will be Rs.280 against the expense of Rs.22.

  • Even a mere 5% savings means Rs.175 savings against a cost of Rs.22, plus all additional benefits like engine pick up, engine cooling, smoke reduction, ease of driving etc.

  • In some old Trucks/Buses savings is more than 15%

  • Just a 1% savings more than compensates for the cost of D’log.

Why so small dosage what will happen if we put more
Why so small dosage?What will happen if we put more?

  • D’log is a very powerful Catalyst. So add only what is prescribed by using suitable Measuring Cup. Don’t put extra or less.

  • You may put ½ ml less or ½ ml more to fix correct dosage for your Truck /Bus.

  • Measuring Cups are available for each type of Dosages from 9½ ml to 20 ml.

  • If you put 1ml less the engine becomes very powerful and may consume more diesel.

  • If you put 1 ml more the engine RPM increases and no diesel savings is achieved.

  • If you put 5 ml more or less no effect is felt.

  • Correct dosages leads to more mileage.

What are the other benefits
What are the other Benefits?

The other benefits are too good as below:

  • D’log is eco friendly. Since CO is greatly reduced, D’log prevents Global Warming.

  • With monthly savings from 2 Trucks one can buy one new Truck on HP.

  • Next product of D’log is “Tyre Saver” which is expected to double useful Trye life.

  • Savings is very high for large fleet operators.

  • Engine life is increased. Even a Truck due for engine re-boring can be run for further one or two years without re-boring since engine pick up increases by 30%.

Drivers will not co operate how to get driver co operation
Drivers will not Co-operate.How to get Driver Co-operation?

Drivers will certainly Co-operate. Because:

  • D’log makes driving a heavily loaded Truck very easy like driving a Super Deluxe Bus.

  • No fatigue or feet pain while pressing Accelarator pedal even when going up to Gujarat or Rajastan.

  • Ease and Confidence while overtaking, climbing hills, avoidance of gear changing even in low speed.

  • A cool engine pleases the Drivers the most.

  • Less smoke, no eye burning makes the Drivers happy.

  • Driving becomes a pleasure and not a pain.

  • A Comet Bus will run like BS2 Hino Bus and a Hino Bus will run like a Volvo Bus.

  • A 10 year old Truck will run like a brand new Truck.

Is d log a chemical what is inside the bottle
Is D’log a Chemical?What is inside the bottle?

D’log is not a Chemical. It is a Catalyst.

  • D’log is a Catalyst in Diesel form so it can be easily mixed with Diesel in the Truck.

  • The Catalyst is not visible since it is in Energy form. It is called “Empowering”.

  • The Catalyst is a secrect one based on 5 year R & D and based on German Formula.

  • It is ike power inside a battery Cell. (Invisible)

  • Harmless and good for Diesel Engines.

  • The content is “Diesel suitably empowered”.

What are the approvals licenses for d log
What are the Approvals &Licenses for D’log?

No need for Licenses or Approvals.

  • License is required in India only for manufacturing Aeroplanes, Ships, Cars, Medicines not for Fuel Savers.

  • Approvals are not “Mandatory”, just “Accreditations”. Not compulsory for new products.

  • Moreover D’log is Eco friendly.

Can we use d log with kerosene
Can we use D’log with Kerosene?

Yes. D’log is very good for Kerosene also.

  • The Truck will run like running on Super Power Diesel.

  • Engine heat will reduce totally.

  • Engine will become very smooth.

  • Pick up and Power will be very high.

  • Savings is more in Kerosene than in Diesel.

  • No need to add grease, oil paste, thick oil etc. with Kerosene which cost 50 paise/ltr.

  • Just add D’log at a cost of 20 to 25 paise/ltr.

    Note: Running Truck with Kerosene is illegal.

How to buy d log what packings available
How to buy D’log?What Packings available?

You can buy D’log from Manufacturer appointed

Dealer /Agent in your area.

  • The Price is Rs.270 for 180ml, Rs.690 for 470ml and Rs.5,500 for 4 ltrs.

  • One Measuring Cup suitable for your Truck/Bus is given free with D’log.

  • Packing available is 180ml, 470ml, 4 ltrs.

  • Continuous supply is ensured by Manufacturers i.e. Dlog Technologies.

  • If you are afraid of shortages you can buy and keep D’log which has a minimum shelf life of 5 years.

For how many litres of diesel a 180 ml d log bottle can be used
For how many litres of Diesel a 180 ml D’log bottle can be used?

  • For 6 wheel AL Trucks/Bus 1100 ltrs

  • For AL Hino Bus 1630 ltrs

  • For AL Taurus 10 Wheel 1710 ltrs

  • For TATA 6 Wheel Trucks 1000 ltrs

  • For TATA 10 Wheel Trucks 1200 ltrs

  • For TATA Buses 950 ltrs

    Note: Approximately.

For how many litres of diesel a 470 ml d log bottle can be used
For how many litres of Diesel a 470 ml D’log bottle can be used?

  • For 6 wheel AL Trucks/Bus 3020 ltrs

  • For AL Hino Bus 4270 ltrs

  • For AL Taurus 10 Wheel 4470 ltrs

  • For TATA 6 Wheel Trucks 2600 ltrs

  • For TATA 10 Wheel Trucks 3130 ltrs

  • For TATA Buses 2350 ltrs

    Note: Approximately.

How d log works
How D’log works?

  • D’log enriches the Diesel.

  • Enhances Oxygen permeability in Diesel vapour.

  • Completely burn the Diesel inside engine.

  • Increases both Power and RPM of the engine.

  • Truck runs very fast with less acceleration.

This graph explains how

mileage is improved by

using D’log.

D log diesel saver dosages
D’log Diesel Saver - Dosages

Note: For TATA Buses ½ to 1 ml more than Lorries. Not recognised by Truck manufacturers.

How to extract more mileage from d log diesel saver
How to extract more mileage from D’log Diesel Saver?

  • Drive slowly and don’t shift gears unnecessarily.

  • Correct dosage leads to more mileage.

  • Find correct dosage for your Truck /Bus by adjusting dosage by + or – ½ ml or ¼ ml.

  • Now and then try + or – ¼ or ½ ml.

  • If load is more put less ¼ or ½ ml.

  • If load is less put more ¼ or ½ ml.

  • Use regularly whenever diesel is filled in.

  • Add D’log as soon as diesel is filled in.

  • Read User Instructions fully before using D’log.

  • Always Drive Slow and Safe.

  • Read instructions ‘when to put ½ ml more or ½ ml less’.

Instructions for use
Instructions for Use

  • First time fill the fuel tank fully and add D’log by using Measuring Cup ( You may put ¼ or ½ ml less).

  • Second time onwards add D’log for the Diesel filled at that time only. Don’t put less or more.

  • Add D’log whenever Diesel is filled in immediately after or while filling Diesel.

  • Shake D’log bottle once or twice gently before using it.

  • Use Measuring Cup suitable for your Truck / Bus and measure correctly.

  • Ensure proper and direct mixing with Diesel in the fuel tank. (Do not mix D’log in a separate bottle).

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Instructions for use contd
Instructions for Use … contd..

  • Drive slow or at normal speed only.

  • Drive at appropriate gear only. Change to higher gear quickly.

  • Mileage improves step by step. So continue to use D’log if benefits are felt in the first use.

  • First time D’log is effective after 30 kms only.

  • Try ½ ml less or more to get more mileage.

  • Do not use D’log grade 80 in LCVs or Cars or Jeeps or Vans.

What are d log other products
What are D’log other products?

  • The next product of D’log is “TYRE SAVER” (Under market trail)

  • D’log Tyre Saver is expected to double useful tyre life

  • To be applied to the surface of Tyres like paint using a 4’ Brush every 10000 kms.

  • The other products of D’log are:

  • Petrol Saver for 2 & 3 Wheelers.

  • Diesel Saver for LCVs, Jeeps, Cars etc.

  • Diesel Saver for MCVs like TATA 709, Eicher 6 or 7 tonne Carriers.

Mileage increased initially but now no increase in mileage why
Mileage increased initially; But now no increase in mileage. Why?

  • If you put ¼ or ½ ml less initially you get good mileage. But subsequently this leads to reduction in mileage. This is called “Power Build up” which reduces mileage.

  • To get good mileage again increase the dosage by ½ ml. This increases RPM of the engine which will fetch good increase in mileage.

  • Check if RPM is more or Power is more in the engine and adjust the dosage by ½ or ¼ ml to get good mileage again.

  • Read “How to get more mileage from D’log”.

No increase in mileage at all why
No increase in mileage at all. Why? Why?

  • Read User Instructions again to check if you had followed every word there in.

  • There is no chance for “nil” increase in mileage.

  • Check your old mileage correctly and compare again.

  • Ask your driver to go slowly or at normal speed to get increased mileage.

  • Check increase in RPM or Power and adjust the dosage.

  • Read Dos and Don’ts again and again.

  • Read “How to get more mileage from D’log” and follow the instructions therein.

  • Inspite of the above if there is no increase in mileage then contact Dealer / Manufacturers.

Reasons for nil increase in mileage
Reasons for Nil increase in mileage Why?

  • Dosage applied / Measuring Cup used may be wrong. Check dosage and the Cup.

  • Diesel filled in may not be exactly 100 ltrs. It may be only 95 or 98 ltrs. So reduce dosage by ¼ or ½ ml. This will adjust the RPM / Power balance.

  • Filter or Pump may have developed fault suddenly.

  • Change in Driver.

  • Sudden change in load, climatic conditions.

  • Sudden change in road, traffic conditions.

  • D’log was not added immediately after filling Diesel. It was added after sometime. This leads to “Power Build Up”, hence no good mileage.

  • Use of wrong grade of D’log.

  • Read “How to get good mileage from D’log” again.

Who is d log manufacturers
Who is D’log manufacturers? Why?

D’log Manufacturers are:

Dlog Technologies

New No.21, Thambaiah Road Extn.,

West Mambalam, Chennai-33, India.

Mobile: 98401 60123.

Website: www.geocities.com/dlogtech

Email: [email protected]