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wuthering heights (2nd nine weeks)

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wuthering heights (2nd nine weeks)

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wuthering heights (2nd nine weeks)

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  1. Wuthering Heights By Lindsey Huss Autumn Milsom Chelsea King

  2. Summary The story starts with Mr. Lockwood coming to Thrushcross Grange. While visiting, he meets Heathcliff, the cold hearted owner of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. When he stays the night, he finds some belongings of a woman named Catherine Earnshaw.

  3. Summary cont. Mr. Lockwood has a dream that night of Catherine’s ghost. He tries to chase her away and Heathcliff hears the noise. He comes in and makes Mr. Lockwood leave and cries over the loss of his true love.

  4. Summary cont. The next day, Mr. Lockwood meets Nelly, the housekeeper/nurse for both places. Nelly tells Mr. Lockwood the story behind Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights and the loves and tragedies that unfolded there. She tells of how Heathcliff is the adopted son of Mr. Earnshaw, Catherine’s father, and how his children hated Heathcliff…at first.

  5. Summary cont. As the days went on, Catherine and Heathcliff became best friends and were always together while Hindley, Catherine’s biological brother, hated him. At the death of Mr. Earnshaw, Hindley became the owner of Wuthering Heights with his wife and forced Heathcliff to work for him.

  6. Summary cont. While Heathcliff was working for Hindley in horrible conditions, Catherine became friends with the Linton family, the owners of Thrushcross Grange, who were her cousins. Catherine became attracted to Edgar Linton, her cousin. Catherine eventually marries him instead of Heathcliff because of their social classes.

  7. Summary cont. Distraught over Catherine marrying Edgar, Heathcliff runs off. He comes back to Wuthering Heights, mysteriously rich, and discovers that his tormenter of a brother, Hindley, has died. Because Hindley owed Heathcliff a lot of money, he becomes the owner of Wuthering Heights instead of Hindley’s son, Haerton.

  8. Summary cont. Heathcliff ends up marrying Edgar’s sister, Isabella, not out of love but retaliation for Catherine marrying Edgar. Catherine, who still loves Heathcliff, becomes enraged and fights with him. Heathcliff becomes more and more bitter over time, especially when Catherine is due to have her and Edgar’s daughter, Cathy.

  9. Summary cont. Isabella who’s afraid of Heathcliff, runs away while pregnant with his son, Linton. (named after her last name) Catherine dies shortly after Cathy is born. Twelve years later, Isabella is dying and sends Linton to live with his uncle, Edgar. Heathcliff finds out and takes Linton to Wuthering Heights. Linton was always very sick and spoiled.

  10. Summary cont. Plotting revenge and being greedy, Heathcliff tricks Nelly and Cathy into coming to Wuthering Heights despite not being allowed to set foot there by Edgar. Knowing that Linton will soon die, Heathcliff forces Cathy into marrying Linton, thinking that when he dies, Heathcliff will get her money and Thrushcross Grange.

  11. Summary cont. Shortly after the forced marriage, Edgar dies and shortly after that, Linton dies. Now the story picks back up to Mr. Lockwood and when he arrived. Cathy and Haerton, her other cousin, start to form a tight bond. Heathcliff sees this and goes into a violent rage. Not long after, Nelly goes to check on him and finds Heathcliff dead. Cathy and Haerton then become engaged.

  12. Major Characters • Heathcliff- orphan brought to Wuthering Heights that falls madly in love with Catherine. Humiliated and hurt, he seeks fortune and acquires Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. • Catherine- spoiled, free-spirited girl that falls in love with Heathcliff. She marries for status instead of love.

  13. Major Characters cont. • Edgar Linton- spoiled, rich man that Catherine marries. Also her cousin. • Nelly Dean- one of the narrators that is deeply involved in the story because of her close relationship with the family. • Lockwood- 1st narrator that visits Wuthering Heights and asks Nelly to explain the whole story.

  14. Major Characters cont. • Cathy- Catherine and Edgar’s daughter Goes on to marry Linton and gets engaged to Haerton. More compassionate than her mother • Haerton- son of Hindley. After Hindley dies, he is under Heathcliff’s ownership and falls in love with Cathy. • Linton- Heathcliff’s son who is hated by his father and is forced to marry Cathy. Dies shortly after.

  15. Major Characters cont. • Hindley- Catherine’s brother who humiliates and despises Heathcliff. Becomes an alcoholic after his wife dies.

  16. Themes • The importance of social class • Repetition • Heathcliff treats Haerton the same way Hindley (Haerton’s father) treated him • Catherine and Heathcliff are similar to Cathy and Haerton because both men were some what savage.

  17. Literary Devices • Symbolism- • Catherine’s ghost symbolized the past; like the past coming back to haunt you • The window symbolized a type of barrier because Catherine’s ghost is being kept away and when Heathcliff dies the window is open • The weather symbolizes the tone of the story because it’s dark and gloomy most of the time

  18. Styles The story starts out being narrated by Mr. Lockwood. It then shifts over to Nelly then back to Mr. Lockwood.

  19. Historical Relevance This story took place in London during the late 1700’s early 1800’s so social class was very important. Most people didn’t marry outside of their class, like Catherine didn’t marry the love of her life because he was beneath her in class.

  20. Evaluation This was a very interesting book. It was one of those books that’s hard to put down. Every time you thought something was going to happen, something else happened. It was a very good book.