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Introduction (Cerita)

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Introduction (Cerita) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction (Cerita). Comparison of the structures used between this film and Lost in the Funhouse Both use parts of life to illustrate the author’s personal experience and his fiction. Harry’s Personality 1 (Dominique and Sarah). From Appearance and Movements Always looking anxious

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Introduction (Cerita)

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Presentation Transcript
introduction cerita
  • Comparison of the structures used between this film and Lost in the Funhouse
    • Both use parts of life to illustrate the author’s personal experience and his fiction.
harry s personality 1 dominique and sarah
Harry’s Personality 1(Dominique and Sarah)
  • From Appearance and Movements
    • Always looking anxious
    • Repeating and babbling words
    • Paranoid
harry s personality 2
Harry’s Personality 2
  • From Fictions
    • Towards women and sex
      • Unable to settle with one woman
        • e.g his several affairs

Unable to deal with mature relationship

        • e.g he prefers whores
harry s personality 3
Harry’s Personality 3
  • Wrong concepts towards women and sex
      • e.g the way he teaches kids.
  • Selfish affection
  • e.g with Fay; out of focus
harry s personality 4
Harry’s Personality 4

Towards traditional value

Deny Jewish tradition

  • Reverse father figure
reality and fiction 1 nicola
Reality and Fiction 1(Nicola)
  • Harry’s fictions are based on his real life experiences
  • Harry uses his fiction to understand his life.
reality and fiction 2
Reality and Fiction 2
  • The different characters represent different sides of Harry.
    • Ken’s relationship and Harry’s
    • The out-of-focus-man’s similarity with Harry.

The father-episode in relation to Harry’s relation with his father.

reality and fiction 3 kim
Reality and Fiction 3(Kim)


  •       People have unstable emotions and feelings
  •        Meet a girl on the way he is meeting his mistress
  •        Grandma’s ignorance and their nervousness when making love
reality and fiction 5
Reality and Fiction 5
  • Shrink
  • Shrinks are not allowed to put their personal feeling into job

Joan puts her personal emotion when talking with her patients

  • Joan tells her patients’ stories to Harry and he wrote them all into his fiction
  • Demi’s way of asking to stop the consultation with the patient and they just fall in love
reality and fiction 6
Reality and Fiction 6

Negative attitude towards Jews

  • Demi Moore follows Jewish tradition in any occasion, even when making love
  • Her figure is fatter after she has a baby
reality and fiction 7
Reality and Fiction 7
  • His love toward his son
  • He shows his love to his son by buying whatever his son asks for
  • Open sex education but not appropriate all the time
reality and fiction 8
Reality and Fiction 8

The scene in hell

  • A different view on hell
  • Hell is supposed to be the worst place but it turns out to be the best and most comfortable place
comments on the film dana and maggie
Comments on the film(Dana and Maggie)
  • Positive point of view (Maggie)
  • Negative point of view (Dana)
  • Our point of view (Maggie and Dana)