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About the company

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About the company. The main line of InstaForex activity is provision of online trading services to customers all over the world since 2007. Today our clients are citizens of more than 50 countries mostly located in Europe and Asia.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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About the company

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About the company

The main line of InstaForex activity is provision of online trading services to customers all over the world since 2007.

Today our clients are citizens of more than 50 countries mostly located in Europe and Asia.

Nowadays over 500 000 individuals and organizations are InstaForex customers.

InstaForex Company was recognized as The Best Broker in Asia in 2009, 2010 and 2011 by the results of World Finance Award.

CNBC Business Magazine acknowledged InstaForex Company as The Most Dynamically Developing Forex Broker 2009.


About the company

In autumn 2011 within the framework of the reputable Forex&Investment Summit financial exhibition InstaForex Company was recognized as the Best Retail Forex Broker 2011.

In May 2011, organizers of Jordan EXPO, one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the Middle East, awarded InstaForex Company the Best Forex Broker in Retail Market title.

InstaForex Company was titled The Best Retail Broker at the prestigious international European CEO Awards in autumn 2011. 



Forex trading instruments —over 107 currency pairs, CFDs, GOLD and futures.

Unique opportunity — direct withdrawal from your trading account to VISA card

Minimum deposit – 1 USD

Leverage —from 1:1 up to 1:1000

Trading on Forex without spread —Eurica accounts

Islamic accounts — swap-free trading



Unprecedented interest rate — up to 5%

The highest partner reward among all Forex brokers

VIP Partnership Programme




Cent accounts

An opportunity to withdraw funds directly to InstaForex MasterCard

InstaForex customers can register with the ever-profitable ForexCopy system to follow deals of others online.

The InstaWallet system allows InstaForex customers to easily transfer funds to accounts of other InstaForex traders, which proves that InstaForex accounts are very versatile.

InstaForex runs 11 trading servers (including the MT5 server) and over 50 data centres all over the world.



InstaForex Company offers its customers a great chance to become a fully-fledged member of the exclusive club of InstaForex international online broker.

Live analytics. InstaForex Analytical Department consists of 20 specialists.

Representative offices. Presently, InstaForex Company has more than 220 offices across the globe.

Each InstaForex customer can download mobile and web-based versions of MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms.

Dakar Rally. InstaForex Company is an official title sponsor of a Dakar Rally competitor — InstaForex Loprais Team.

Online webinars. InstaForex Company provides free daily webinars held by professional tutors.



Segregated accounts

Safety of trading account at the bank level

Unique bonus — 30% for each deposit

Options trading

Contests and raffles — the prize pool of 500 000 USD

МТ universal portal for traders

Guaranteed security of trading – InstaForex is a member of the Russian Association of Financial Market Members

Outstanding PAMM system



Real Scalping - Annual prize pool is 72000.00 USD (6000.00 USD for each monthly contest).

Great Race 2011 - The total prize pool amounts to 50400 USD.

Miss Insta Asia

Chancy deposit– The grand prize is 1000 USD every week.



FX-1 Rally ― Unrestricted participation; the weekly prize pool is 1500 USD.

One Million Option― The weekly prize pool 1500 USD.

Trade Wise, Win Device campaign  — The prizes are iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab.


The widest range of payment systems available:

- Bank card

- Wire transfer

- InstaForex MasterCard

- WebMoney

- Moneybookers

- Liberty Reserve

- EuroGoldCash (USD)

- W1 system

- Local depositors



Welcome 30% Bonus ― credited instantly after the bonus application is submitted.

InstaForex Coupon Bonuses― Credited to the affiliate accounts of InstaForex partners for high trading activity of their clients.

Bonuses offered by payment systems


Morefacts about us

Employees of the company are over 150 people all over the world.

The World Finance magazine recognized InstaForex Company as the best broker in Asia in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

In 2010 the progress of InstaForex Company was noted by the CNBC magazine.

InstaForex Company regularly holds different contests and campaigns for its clients with annual prize pool of over 500 000 USD. We annually arrange the raffle of an impressive prize indeed - the automobile (2010- Hummer H3, 2011- Lotus Elise, 2012 - Lotus Evora, 2013 - Porshe Cayene).

At the moment there are more than 200 InstaForex offices across the globe.

More than 500 000 traders became our customers, which makes our company a leading provider of brokerage services in the world arena.


InstaForex Analytics

InstaForex Company presents the analytics section, daily updated by InstaForex analytical experts. Specialist provides analytical reviews in accordance with their view of the current situation on Forex.

Learn the latest tendencies of financial markets on our website:


InstaForex TV

InstaForex Company presents the Forex TV section, containing plenty news, analytical reports and interviews. InstaForex TV covers the latest events, trends and many other aspects of Forex.


Partnership with InstaForex

Types of partnership:

  • Representative office
  • Investment project
  • Webmaster
  • Trader-partner
  • Educational project
  • Exchanger
  • Advisors seller
  • Forex signal provider
  • VPS Hosting
  • Blogger

InstaForex partnership programme:

Convenient access to partner statistics

Separate websites for partners

The highest partner reward

Wide range of promotional and educational materials

10 types of partnership programmes — choose one!


Unique PAMM system

Today bank investments are means of protecting your funds against inflation, however they do not guarantee any profit. PAMM accounts from InstaForex Company is a powerful investment instrument allowing you to make most of your money by investing them in accounts of the most successful traders.

Each InstaForex client can accept investments from other traders or invest his/her funds in somebody else’s account, thus becoming a shareholder of this account.

InstaForex PAMM system provides:

The most convenient monitoring system

The quickest synchronization among all brokers

The only PAMM system in the world, where a PAMM trader can accept an unlimited number of investments from hundreds of investors to a single PAMM account


CNBC magazine (December, 2009)

Press about us

Market leader magazine (October, 2009)

World Finance magazine (November, 2009)

Public Finance magazine (April, 2010)

European CEO magazine (May, 2010)

IBTimesFX Internet portal (May, 2010)

Business & Finance magazine (May, 2010)

World Finance magazine (June, 2010)


Press about us

Lebanon Executive magazine (December, 2010)

Global Islamic Finance magazine (January, 2011)

CNBC Business magazine (April, 2011)

The New Europe magazine (April-May, 2011)

CNBC Business magazine (May, 2011)

CNBC Business magazine (June, 2011)

World Finance magazine (July-August, 2011)

European CEO magazine (August-September, 2011)


Bank debit card

InstaForex Company offers its customers a brand new service – prepaid bank card InstaForex Mastercard. Besides InstaForex Company, international payment system Payoneer (US) is the issuer of the card.

Thus, InstaForex Mastercard provides direct connection between InstaForex trading account and cash funds. With InstaForex Mastercard managing money on your trading account is easier than ever.



Technical Support

Available 24 hours


Yahoo Messenger: instaforex.service , ifx.consultant

Skype: ,

ICQ: 350070300, 590600400


Phone: 8-800-2000-791