games and sports played in england
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Games and sports played in England

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Games and sports played in England - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Games and sports played in England. Made by; Ebejer Juliette, Borg Martha, Psaila Nicola, Dingli Stephanie and Micallef Eliza. . Introduction.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Games and sports played in England' - wilma

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games and sports played in england

Games and sports played in England

Made by; Ebejer Juliette, Borg Martha, Psaila Nicola, Dingli Stephanie and Micallef Eliza.

  • In this slideshow, Martha, Nicola, Stephanie and Eliza, are going to talk and explain more about certain sports which are played in England aswell as traditional children’s games which are still played nowadays.
oranges and lemons
Oranges and Lemons
  • This English game is an old children’s song that’s about the bell sounds, which are heard in most parts of London. Although this is an old game, it’s still played by children, because it’s quiet enjoyable and entertaining!!
queenie queenie
Queenie, Queenie
  • This game is quiet simple to play. A person has to be a “Queenie”, and her back has to face the others. Then the “Queenie” has to throw the ball over her back, afterwords all the children have to put their hands behind their back, including the person who caught the ball. If the “Quennie” guesses the person with the ball after all the children have been picked, the peron with the ball gets to be a “Queeni”.
  • Cricket is a very well known sport in England. It’s normally played from April to August on Sundays, normally on village greens. In the 18th’ century, the Marylebone Cricket Club in north London, made cricket rules their responsibility. This game is made up of two teams, both containing 11 players. A small ball and bat are used to play with, during the game.
  • Football is a very famous sport not only in England but in almost all parts of the world. This sport has been played for hundreds of years.
  • In England there are about ninety-two professional football clubs, but some are semi-professional. This means that other that football, the players in the team have another type full-time job elsewhere.
  • An interesting point, is that, in 1863 the first set of Football Laws were out.
  • Rugby, used to be played only by rich upper class people, but nowadays almost everyone plays Rugby. This sport was normally originated from a Rugby school in Warwickshire. Rugby is very similar to football, but this type of sport is played with an oval ball and players get to catch the ball and tackle one another. The best Rugby teams get chosen to play in a Super League final, which is played in Semptember.
  • In the 19th century, Indian army officers, brought Polo in Britain.
  • This game is played in fields as big as, 300 yards long and 160 yards long.
  • Polo can only be played with four men on horses at a time. In this game a ball has to be hit with a stick.
  • One must know that this sport, is the fastest ball sport in the world.
boxing day hunts
Boxing Day Hunts
  • This sport is practically a day spent fox hunting in forests. The hunt men and women, take their dogs with them so that they can trace fox easily an follow them on their horse.
  • A hunting tradition is that before the hunters hunt, they drink hot wine.
  • Nowadays Box Days Hunt are decreasing, because the majority of people find it cruel.
  • Wimbledon is a very famous tennis tournament. This tournament started in a small club in the South of London. It normally begins on the nearest Monday of June 22nd, this is because the weather is quiet fine during this time. Many people watch the championship on Live TV. Strawberries and cream are traditionally sold during this tournament.
  • The competitor who wins this tournament, wins about $40,000.
  • Netball is mostly played by women and girls, in England. Nowadays more men are practicing and taking part in this sport.
horse racing
Horse Racing
  • Horseracing is very popular amongst Kings.