why do we dress the way we do n.
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Why do we dress the way we do? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do we dress the way we do?

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Why do we dress the way we do? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why do we dress the way we do?. Haute Couture. Refers to high fashion, one of a kind designs. Royalty determined style. Dictated and determined fashion Sumptuary laws governed what peasants and merchants could wear. Where do ideas for dress come from?. Everywhere Parties High fashion

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haute couture
Haute Couture

Refers to high fashion, one of a kind designs.

royalty determined style
Royalty determined style
  • Dictated and determined fashion
  • Sumptuary laws governed what peasants and merchants could wear.
where do ideas for dress come from
Where do ideas for dress come from?
  • Everywhere
  • Parties
  • High fashion
  • Chance
  • Anticipation and manipulation
  • Conformity vs. Nonconformity

How does fashion (which is the generic word for the business of clothing) anticipate as well as manipulate the trends?

shifting of erogenous zones
Shifting of erogenous zones
  • Attract the male attention
  • Female-Revealing
  • Male-Change the shape of the silhouette
to assert wealth
To assert wealth
  • Opulence to make you look richer than others
  • Self indulgent dressing to show wealth
to identify gender
To identify Gender
  • Sometimes reversed for effect.
  • Message:
  • Attract
  • Gain respect
  • Tell personality
  • To repel
what does the language of clothing say about us
What does the language of clothing say about us?
  • Evokes response
  • Demands attention
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Utility
why is rarity important
Why is rarity important?
  • It sets you apart.
john malloy s dressed for success
John Malloy’s Dressed for Success
  • Dress for power
  • Dress for socio-economic message
how does clothing identify us with certain groups
How does clothing identify us with certain groups?
  • Color = purple
  • Wealth rather than birth
  • Image makers
  • Costuming is one of the integral parts of the play production that suffers the most.
  • The costume is not merely a means of characterizing a role as attractively as possible.
  • Color and silhouette is a vital part of the total stage design.
  • Harmony with other colors
  • Appropriate to historical period
  • Can destroy the atmosphere
effective costuming
Effective Costuming
  • Expresses the personality of the character
effective costuming1
Effective Costuming
  • Should reveal social status, tastes, idiosyncrasies
effective costuming2
Effective Costuming
  • Should aid audience’s understanding of the actor’s relationship to the play itself
color coding
Color Coding
  • Matching characters by color or pattern. Example: Romeo and Juliet
steps to costume design
Steps to Costume Design
  • Study the play
  • Budget
  • Obtain actors’ measurements
  • Collect fabric samples (under lights)
  • Costume Parade
  • Deal with problems
steps to costume design1
Steps to Costume Design
  • Always consider problems
  • Work with rehearsal clothes and shoes
  • Keep actions of the actor in mind Example: dancing or fighting
appropriateness costume silhouette
Appropriateness – Costume Silhouette
  • Each historic period has its own distinctive line and form in dress
appropriateness costume silhouette1
Appropriateness – Costume Silhouette
  • Material and cut must be appropriate to the social background and period of the play.
color line and material
Color, Line, and Material
  • Comedies, farces, children’s plays, and fantasies are normally made of light material and are bright or pastel in color and frothy in design
color line and material1
Color, Line, and Material
  • Restoration Comedy – satins, laces, and brocades
high comedy
High Comedy
  • Taste and social grace, fashionable
symbolic and allegorical
Symbolic and Allegorical
  • Require thought and meaning
realistic plays
Realistic Plays
  • Suitable for the character
costumes and color
Costumes and Color
  • Color interprets inner meaning which evokes an audience response
obtaining the costumes
Obtaining the Costumes
  • Work Sheets
  • Costume Charts
costumes charts
Costumes Charts
  • Design
  • Measurements
  • Expensive
  • Fit
  • Substitution
  • Available for a short time
  • Quality
  • Cleaning
  • Returning
  • Mismatch
  • Fit
making costumes
Making Costumes
  • Building = making costumes
  • Velcro = stronger than zippers and buttons, but must not be seen
  • Cost
  • Time
care of costumes
Care of Costumes
  • Wardrobe Manager or Costume Master/Mistress
  • Cleaning and Repair
  • Dressing Areas
  • Quick Changes
the actor and the costume
The Actor and the Costume
  • Actor must wear costume properly
  • Actor must be disciplined and responsible