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Promotion to Full Professor. Arlene Carney Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs. General Topics. Introduction Tenure Code Proposed New 7.11 Statement Revisions of 7.12 Statements Proposed New 9.2 Statement Long-Term Planning Dossier Preparation. Introduction.

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Promotion to full professor

Promotion to Full Professor

Arlene Carney

Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs

General topics
General Topics

  • Introduction

  • Tenure Code

    • Proposed New 7.11 Statement

    • Revisions of 7.12 Statements

    • Proposed New 9.2 Statement

  • Long-Term Planning

  • Dossier Preparation


  • Life course of P & T

  • Associate Professor status

  • Discussion

Life course of p t
Life Course of P & T

  • Six-year probationary period with one grace year for assistant professors

  • According to Section 5.5 of the Tenure Code, probationary faculty can stop the tenure clock.

  • Stated explicitly in the Tenure Code

Life course of p t1
Life Course of P & T

  • Few departmental 7.12 statements make statements about the expectation to achieve the rank of professor.

  • Tenure Code is silent on this topic.

  • Criteria for promotion to professor are often brief and non-explicit.

Guiding documents
Guiding Documents

  • Faculty Tenure Code

  • Procedures for Reviewing the Performance of Probationary Faculty

Faculty tenure code
Faculty Tenure Code

  • Describes criteria for tenure at the university level

  • Describes mandatory annual review of probationary faculty

  • Describes the overall process for tenure and promotion to associate professor

Faculty tenure code1
Faculty Tenure Code

  • Describes the procedures for due process for denial of tenure and/or promotion

  • Describes post-tenure review process

  • Section 9 describes the appointment of faculty with indefinite tenure.

Section 7 11
Section 7.11

  • General criteria for promotion and for conferral of indefinite tenure

  • Handout has old 7.11 and latest draft of 7.11 from the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee

Section 7 12 of the tenure code
Section 7.12 of the Tenure Code

  • Department statement of criteria for promotion and tenure

  • Must be shown to new faculty according to the tenure code

  • Should reflect the values of the faculty for promotions and conferral of indefinite tenure

Promotion from associate to full professor
Promotion from Associate to Full Professor

  • Usually the shortest part of the 7.12 statement.

  • Most frequent criterion – a national or international reputation.

  • Since we have no system of reviews for associate professors, the path to promotion is not clear.

Section 9 2 of the tenure code
Section 9.2 of the Tenure Code

  • Handout has the old language of the current section 9 – this is proposed as new subsection 9.1.

  • New subsection of 9.2 is in the handout.

9 2 and post tenure review
9.2 and Post-Tenure Review

  • One can remain an associate professor without post-tenure review.

  • Do need to achieve a higher level of performance to become a professor

Faculty life course
Faculty Life Course

Associate Professor




Faculty life course1
Faculty Life Course

Full Professor

Associate Professor


Minimum Standards

For Tenure Maintenance



Faculty life course2
Faculty Life Course

Full Professor

Associate Professor






Current status of associate professors at minnesota
Current Status of Associate Professors at Minnesota

  • Fall of 2005 – 38% of associate professors on the Twin Cities campus had been at that rank for 8 years or more.

  • Fall of 2005 – looked at full professors who spent their careers at UMTC

    • Average time as an associate professor was 7.9 years

Midlife faculty
Midlife Faculty

  • Baldwin et al. (2005) described stages

  • Probationary period is clearly demarcated (early life < 39 yrs old)

  • Early midlife (40-49)

  • Late midlife (50-59)

  • Late faculty life ( 60 or older)

Midlife faculty1
Midlife Faculty

  • Spend more time on teaching and administration in late midlife and late life than other groups.

  • Early midlife faculty have highest percentage of publications and presentations, with late midlife faculty coming in next.

Midlife faculty2
Midlife Faculty

  • More early midlife faculty have higher rates of dissatisfaction than other groups.

  • Time of reassessment and redirection

  • Some report of research productivity going down.

Criteria for professor
Criteria for Professor

  • National and/or international reputation.

  • Varies by campus and by unit.

  • Need for a long-term plan and short-term objectives to build the reputation is consistent across campuses and units.

Perceived impediments
Perceived Impediments

  • Service load

  • Teaching focus

  • Research burnout post tenure

Research incentives
Research Incentives

  • Semester leaves

  • Sabbaticals

Continued needs
Continued Needs

  • Mentoring

    • Peer mentoring

    • Senior faculty member

  • Self-imposed goal for promotion

  • Decision about balance of one’s effort

  • Ways and means to revitalize one’s scholarly interests

Contact information
Contact Information

Arlene CarneyVice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairscarne005@umn.edu612-624-9545

Contact information1
Contact Information

Karen Zentner Bacig

Assistant to the Vice Provost

Robin Matross Helms

Coordinator of Faculty Awards

Provost s web site
Provost’s Web Site