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Installing Java PowerPoint Presentation
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Installing Java

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Installing Java - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exposure Java 2012. Installing Java. JCreator Settings Only. PowerPoint Presentation created by: Mr. John L. M. Schram and Mr. Leon Schram Authors of Exposure Java and First Exposure. Using This PowerPoint.

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Installing Java

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Exposure Java 2012 Installing Java JCreator Settings Only PowerPoint Presentation created by: Mr. John L. M. Schram and Mr. Leon Schram Authors of Exposure Java and First Exposure

    2. Using This PowerPoint This PowerPoint presentation assumes you already have both the Java JDK and JCreator installed and all that you need is the proper JCreator settings.

    3. The First 3 Screens The next 3 slides show windows that show up the first time JCreator is executed. It is possible that you might not see them when you execute JCreator.

    4. This is the same directory where the JDK was installed. Do NOT make any changes!

    5. Customizing JCreator Settings

    6. We do NOT want to “Show tips on startup”. Remove the checkmark.

    7. There are other settings we need to fix, including removing this Start Page.

    8. Click Configure and select Options.

    9. Click the word “Java”.

    10. Click the [+] in front of “Java”.

    11. Click “Font”.

    12. Scroll down and select “Fixedsys”.

    13. Click the word “HTML”.

    14. Click the [+] in front of “HTML”.

    15. Click “Font”.

    16. Scroll down and select “Fixedsys”.

    17. Scroll down and click JDK Profiles.

    18. This should be the ONLY Profile. It should be at the very top. It should NOT be red.

    19. Click JDK Tools.

    20. Change this to Run Application.

    21. Select “Default” then “Edit”.

    22. Remove “Capture output” checkmark and select “OK”.

    23. Select the word “Workspace”.

    24. Make sure all check marks are removed.

    25. Click the [+] in front of “Workspace”.

    26. Click Start up.

    27. Change this to “None”.

    28. Click Task View.

    29. Remove the top checkmark and finally click “OK”.

    30. Quit JCreator and reload it by double clicking the icon which should be somewhere in your desktop. if you cannot find it on the Desktop, go to the Start Menu.

    31. The File View, Package View, and Class Viewwindows on the left are not needed for now. Click the [x] to close each.

    32. This is how your JCreator screen should look.