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Hello ! Is anybody on this meadow for a game?

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Hello ! Is anybody on this meadow for a game? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hello ! Is anybody on this meadow for a game?. Playing hide and seek is for babies! Let's play a gendarme and a thief!. Let's play hide and seek!. Here I am! What would you like to play?.

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Is anybody on this meadow for a game?

Playing hide and seek is for babies! Let's play a gendarme and a thief!

Let's play hide and seek!

Here I am! What would you like to play?


What are you complaining about! Just because you are larger then us it doesn’t mean that you always have to pick the game.

What are you talking about?! You always pick the game, my size has nothing to do with it.

Let's play hide and seek and after that we will play

gendarme and a thief.

We won’t argue now, it is better that we play!


Excellent, let’s hide!

I'll seek first. Counting to twenty, hide!


I've found you all.

You are really good at this game!


I can see you too behinde my back, your head is sticking out of the sea grass.

Roni, you have found us all. Who could it be behind the grass?


Who are you?

Come out!

Really, someone is watching us from the grass?!


Hi guys, I am Stripko. I would like to play with you!


What kind of sea horse are you?

We won’t play with you!


I have never seen this kind of sea horse. Who are you?

I would really like to play with you.

Get away from our meadow, swim as fast as you can!



Aaaaa, what kind of this is this?

Do you really think so?

Yes, you are ugly, go away!


I know why!

Why do you think that we are mean?

You really are really mean!

What is wrong wit you?


You send away the kid from us! You didn't let him play with us. Why?

I don’t understand now! I am confused.

Roni, please explain to them. I'm angry at them!


And you Horsi, you are so beautiful and because of that beauty our eyes hurt!

Yes, he is blue and ugly. He doesn't look like we do!

Kiki, how does he look like? He isn’t beutiful as you?!

But Roni, did you see how that horsy looks like?


And why would he be ugly? Because he is blue? Are we beautiful just because we are golden-yellow?

But we have the normal colour!

And who told you that our colour is beautiful?

He is weird!


Does that mean that we are better and prettier from others just because we are the same?

Hm, we all have beautiful golden-yellow colour!

Horsi, what would happen if I tell you that we won't play with you just because you are big?



You finaly got it. Horsi, is it you falt that you are golden-yellow sea horse?

You are going to grow, but you won't tern blue!

That is true, but why would Stripko be worse than us? Just because he is blue?

Morskiću, it seems to me that I slowely understan what you are trieing to say.


Is it Stripko’s fault that he is blue?

No, he was born that way.

That is true, but why Stripko would be worse then us. Just because he is blue?

Really, it is not our fault how do we look!


Is it possible that Sripko is really good sea horse?


We were bad! Weare horrible! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

You finally came to your mind.

It is possible! I'm sorry now that I was rude to Stripko.


Let’s not regret now, Let’s correct our big mistake!

You are right, I am big bad sea kourse!

Now it’s too late bad horsy!

Let’s try to correct the injustice that we made, although I doubt that it is possible.


Children, how would you end this story? How would you correct our

big mistake that we made? Mistake that I have made?