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Used Steinway Pianos

We are one of the largest Steinway piano re-builder and Steinway retailer. We offer services for restoration, restore pianos for sale, new piano for sale at Excellent prices. http://lukepiano.com

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Used Steinway Pianos

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  1. I build Steinway pianos the way they were built in the Golden Age. Each one built personally, with no compromises just excellence. We give you one of a kind Steinway pianos recreated to the exact, original specifications by master craftsmen.

  2. Vintage Steinway Grand Pianos We offer a range of grand pianos including Steinway and more. Contact us for buy piano and for restoration also. If you are refurbishing or buying a Steinway, you deserve the excellence of early 20th century pianos. Do you want a mass produced clone or a handcrafted piano that will be reliable for 100 years, like the early days.  I create pianos to those exacting, and superior, specifications with no shortcuts.

  3. Restore Pianos When you go to buy a piano, or rebuild your current one, you must know how the tradition of piano building is changing, and how to get value. Many take shortcuts and compromise quality. I restore pianos because I love what I do, love what a piano brings to your home, and love the music that results. Anything less than the quality and perfection of the Golden Age of Pianos the early part of the 20th century is missing the sound and attention to detail.

  4. “I’m a Certified Master Piano Technician, I am a master pianist,a husband and father of two amazing sons. And I love rebuilding pianos the Right Way.” PIANO TUNING SERVICES DENVER, COLORADO Marshall Luke provides piano tuner servicing in the Colorado area for over 40 years. Tuning fees are $125 for tuning, an additional $50 if your piano needs a pitch raise.  Small repairs are often free or carry a modest charge. Tunings can be scheduled from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

  5. Thank You Call US: (303) 523-9538 OR visit : http://lukepiano.com

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