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Jewelry Pieces Every Badass Needs PowerPoint Presentation
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Jewelry Pieces Every Badass Needs

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Jewelry Pieces Every Badass Needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on | Look like the ultimate badass in William Henry’s luxury jewelry and accessories for men. Pieces feature leather, metal, fossils, gemstones, and even lava rock to create the masculine look every man aspires to achieve.\n

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every badass needs at least one piece

• Every badass needs at least one piece of

men's jewelry that features a combination of

real leather and sleek, shining metal.

• Both materials exemplify the tough, hardcore

aesthetic of bikers and hard rock stars that's

remained unchanged for decades.

• Comfortable and simple, leather and metal

can be worn with just about anything for that

extra level of manly badassery.

try leather and metal accessories like these from

Try leather and metal accessories like these from William Henry:

Ranger or Core bracelet, featuring braided brown or black deerskin

leather, sterling silver end caps and a sterling silver spring clasp.

Genesis Light/Genesis Dark bracelet, featuring our own unique sculpted

link design in sterling silver with an oxidized and polished finish.

there s really nothing more badass than early

• There's really nothing more badass than

early man's ability to fell enormous

mammoths with primitive tools, teamwork

and a healthy dose of adrenaline.

• Impress the ladies and hearken back to

man's ancient dominion over nature with

cool necklaces for men featuring real

fossilized mammoth or walrus tooth.

• Put your awesomeness over the top with

custom pocket knives featuring materials

like real fossilized coral in the handle.

wear an artifact of one of nature s most

• Wear an artifact of one of nature's most dangerous materials with real lava rock

around your wrist or neck.

• Add color and class with natural, masculine stones like amber, sodalite and onyx.

• Try something like William Henry's Amber Tether, featuring a combination of

premium Baltic amber, lava rock beads and sterling silver accents/hardware.

nothing is more badass bad boy iconography like

Nothing is more badass “bad boy” iconography

like snakes, skulls and other “dangerous” things

(bonus if you've got the tattoos to match!).

William Henry has plenty of cool options:

• Cristobal, Blackbeard, First Mate or Captain

necklace featuring a finely-detailed ornate

skull in sterling silver or 18k yellow gold.

• CL5-4 skull cufflinks with red topaz eyes.

• Asp necklace or Volos bracelet featuring a

sterling silver snake design with inlaid rubies.

express your warrior spirit with william henry

• Express your warrior spirit with William

Henry's new Silver Warrior collection.

• Inspired by the iconic artwork of Frank

Frazetta, the collection features unique

silver and stone men's necklaces,

bracelets and accessories.

• The symbolism of the collection echoes

the content of Frazetta's work, which

often featured armored, weapon-

wielding warriors in battle.

badass stand out pieces include the sardonyx

• Badass stand-out pieces include the Sardonyx Shield necklace, Defender necklace

and Stalwart bracelet, all based on Frazetta's Silver Warrior artwork.

• The perfect gift for fans of hard-rocking bands like Molly Hatchet and Wolfmother,

whose album covers were made unforgettable by Frazetta's unique fantasy art.

william henry is a world renowned manufacturer

William Henry is a world-renowned manufacturer of men's

designer jewelry, accessories and luxury gifts. Using masculine

natural materials like stone, fossil, leather and metal, we create

one-of-a-kind pieces that add an edge to any man's wardrobe.

Browse our selection of men's jewelry, accessories and gifts

online at