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OneCode Solution (4-State Barcode) Implementation

OneCode Solution (4-State Barcode) Implementation. 6060 PRIMACY PKWY STE 201. 6060 PRIMACY PKWY STE 201. MEMPHIS TN 38188. MEMPHIS TN 38188. Address Change Service. Address Change Service. #BWNGKVN #9999 9920 0104 276. John Doe. John Doe. 6449 AMBERVIEW CV.

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OneCode Solution (4-State Barcode) Implementation

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  1. OneCodeSolution (4-State Barcode) Implementation 6060 PRIMACY PKWY STE 201 6060 PRIMACY PKWY STE 201 MEMPHIS TN 38188 MEMPHIS TN 38188 Address Change Service Address Change Service #BWNGKVN #9999 9920 0104 276 John Doe John Doe 6449 AMBERVIEW CV 6449 AMBERVIEW CV MEMPHIS TN 38141 - 8346 MEMPHIS TN 38141 - 8346

  2. Overview / Background • Uses 4-state barcode symbology • Refers to 4 different positions of the bars within the barcode • The code will: • Uniquely identify the sender • Uniquely identify the mailpiece • Provide a destination ZIP Code for sortation & routing • Encode Special Service indicators & Address Change Service (ACS) requests • Barcode will be acceptable for automation discounts

  3. Implementation Status Letters • DBCS (Non-PARS) software deployed and running • DBCS (PARS) released and installation beginning • CSBCS software deployed and running • MPBCS w/ WFOV: April release • MERLIN: April release • MASS Certification (MailCode machine) updated at NCSC Flats • AFSM 100 (includes ATHS and AI) – 29% installed • UFSM 1000 – April release Implementation Remains On-Schedule

  4. Testing to Ensure Success All Testing is Going Well • Computer simulation – SUNY, LM & Omniplaner • Encoder testing – 22 mailers • Test deck – stress deck on specifications • Move Validation Mail • Over 10 million mail pieces • Read rates comparable to POSTNET • Prudential Mail and American Express • Tested over 1 million mail pieces • Shorter height testing revealed no degradation for letters • Letter height specification updated to between .134 and .230 • Flats stress deck testing underway

  5. Plans Forum Announcement • Customers launch date of OneCodeSolution for letters to be announced at the Forum • OneCode Confirm • OneCode ACS • Flats usage planned for Fall • PostalOne testing for Seamless Acceptance (Summer) • Several Forum sessions and booths planned • Program overviews and benefits • Barcode specification and MERLIN requirements • Registration requirements (MASS) for auto discount and services • Customer ID registration • Helpful documentation and implementation aids planned • Website, DMM, Updated CONFIRM and ACS Technical Guides

  6. Benefits • Minimize code real estate – 1 code does it all • Preserve mail aesthetics – requires less space • Provides more uniqueness to track mail pieces • Improve mail service – enhanced diagnostics • Easier to do business – 1 mailer id for 1 mail piece • Simplify mail preparation and processing – easy link to each mail-piece for every service

  7. Service Overview - OneCode Confirm • OneCode Confirm Service Core Infrastructure Complete • Data processing and distribution capability completed and operational since early FY’05 • Extensive review by test mailers of CONFIRM system • Prudential (active) • American Express (active) • Additional mailers be brought on board for both OneCode ACS and OneCode Confirm

  8. Service overview - ONECODE ACS OneCode ACS is working as planned for First Class Mail ABC Company 123 Main St Memphis TN 38101 - 1234 Address Service Requested INTELLIGENT MAIL & ADDRESS QUALITY USPS Forward 6060 PRIMACY PKWY STE 201 - - 0001 INTELLIGENT MAIL & ADDRESS QUALITY MEMPHIS TN 38188 2020 OneCode PKWY MEMPHIS TN 38188 - • Testing: • MVL testing for over a year • One-time testing with multiple mailers • Beta test set to begin with mailer to provide diagnostic • Compares ACS vs. OneCode ACS • PARS will allow all mail class Change Services to be offered

  9. CONFIRM / Data Flow - Infrastructure Improvement Results • Improvements • CONFIRM and EOR data now sent near real-time • Speeds-up data availability • Prevents data loss due to file corruption • Replaced older servers with state of the art ones • Consolidated servers nationally for better monitoring • Results • Significant reduction in frequency of major issues (SPLY) • Customer Service call volume has dropped by one-third • Subscriptions and volume have grown

  10. Imager for barcodes Reads 4-state, POSTNET, and PLANET barcodes Captures image of signature Larger display Color display 2” x 3” dimension Wireless capable Bluetooth enabled WLAN (802.11b) and WWAN (GPRS) expansion capability Full alpha-numeric keypad INTELLIGENT MAIL DEVICES

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