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Simple Information or Not?

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Simple Information or Not?. The Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1966 and impounds the Colorado River at Page, Arizona. Cold weather sucks. It is unfair for the University to expect students and professors to attend class on cold days.

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It is unfair for the University to expect students and professors to attend class on cold days.


Brenda Jones contests that the most ethical way to solve the water crisis in the Southwest is to reevaluate how we use water outdoors at our private homes (47).


Pollan makes the valid point that genetically modified foods are too risky when we consider the possibility of an unintentional descent into monoculture.


Economist Joseph Wheeler argues, “It was ethically irresponsible for these companies to move forward as though their fourth quarter numbers were business as usual, especially given the effect it would ultimately have on shareholders” (3).


When the Traffic Committee was made aware of the danger of the intersection, they just posted a warning in their newsletter.