reproduction in plants n.
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Reproduction in Plants

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Reproduction in Plants. Ahmed Othman 7E. Plant’s can reproduce in two ways. They can reproduce sexually and asexually. Sexually Reproduction.

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reproduction in plants

Reproduction in Plants

Ahmed Othman 7E

sexually reproduction
Sexually Reproduction

A mode of reproduction involving the fusion of female gamete and male gamete, which forms a zygote that potentially develops into genetically distinct offspring.

what is budding in hydra
What is Budding in Hydra?

In Hydra, the cells divide rapidly at a specific site and develop as an outgrowth called a bud. These buds, while attached to the parent plant, develop into small individuals. When this individual becomes large enough, it detaches itself from the parent body to exist as an independent individual.

what is budding in yeast
What is Budding in Yeast?

A yeast that buds off daughter cells smaller than the parent cells.


When bees come to land on the follower trying to collect some nectar their bodies will be robbed on the pollen. After it was robbed it will get stuck on their body and the bee will move to another flower. The pollen will fall of and land on other plants.

decoct seeds
Decoct Seeds

They have two parts just like the been seed.

monocot seeds
Monocot Seeds

They are seeds that only have one cotyledon.