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Homeowner’s Association. KENILWORTH AMBERLEIGH. Annual Meeting February 19, 2014. Annual Meeting 2/19/14. Agenda. 7:00 Call to Order 7:00-7:10 Community Report by Officer Grant 7:10-7:15 Confirmation of Quorum 7 :15-7:25 Financial Report and 2014 Budget

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Presentation Transcript
Kenilworth amberleigh

Homeowner’s Association


Annual Meeting

February 19, 2014


Annual Meeting 2/19/14


  • 7:00 Call to Order

  • 7:00-7:10 Community Report by Officer Grant

  • 7:10-7:15 Confirmation of Quorum

  • 7:15-7:25Financial Report and 2014 Budget

  • 7:25-7:40 Board Activities Report

  • 7:40-7:50 Review of responsibilities of HOA Board vs Superior Management

  • 7:50-8:00 Introduction of current Board Members and election of new Board Members

  • 8:00-8:20 Discussion of proposed changes to HOA By- laws and CCR’s and ratification process

  • 8:20-8:30 Other business

  • 8:30 Adjourn

2014 budget

Annual Meeting 2/19/14

2014 Budget

Responsibilities of board

Annual Meeting 2/19/14

Responsibilities of Board

Responsibilities of superior

Responsibilities of Superior

Responsibilities of owners

Responsibilities of Owners

  • Be respectful of Board members – We are volunteers.

    • No phone calls to Board members to discuss HOA business.

    • No knocking on the front door to discuss HOA business.

    • No stopping on the sidewalk or street to discuss business.

    • Email your concerns and/or attend a Board meeting.

  • Be respectful of other community owners.

    • Pick up after your pet.

    • Pick up any garbage on the street.

    • Pay your assessments on time.

    • Follow CCR’s.

  • Be respectful to SAM.

    • If you are upset, wait 24 hours before you call or email.

Current board members
Current Board Members

  • Janney Freeman

  • Bill Iacoe

  • Byron Nickens

  • You may reach us at:


Objectives in revising governing documents

Annual Meeting 2/20/14

Objectives in Revising Governing Documents

  • Eliminate all references to the original developer as well as any language which is no longer relevant.

  • Ensure that the documents are consistent with current statutes and current practices for HOA’s in our area.

  • Make the documents as user-friendly for the Board to administer (clarity, specificity, consistency, etc.) and for our homeowners to understand, as possible.

Highlights of changes in by laws

Annual Meeting 2/20/14

Highlights of Changes in By-Laws

  • All references to the original developer, new construction, added lots, 2 Classes of lots, etc., have been deleted.

  • Elections for Board members have been changed from secret ballot to show of hands vote.

  • The Architectural Committee was changed from at least 3 members, all of whom were Board members, to at least 3 members, 1 of which is a Board member.

  • Robert’s Rules of Order have been specified for all Association meetings, in place of open forum.

Highlights of changes in ccr s

Annual Meeting 2/20/14

Highlights of Changes in CCR's

  • All references to the original developer, new construction, added lots, 2 Classes of lots, etc., have been deleted. (Numerous Articles and Sections)

  • Clarified restrictions on pet ownership and dangerous animals (Art. III Section 9 & 10)

  • Added some restrictions on rental properties (Art. III Section 6)

  • Added language prohibiting use of any property as a Half-Way House for rehabilitation (Art. III Section 7)

  • Added language prohibiting ownership of a property in the Association by a registered sex offender (Art. III Section 8)

  • Invoked the North Carolina Planned Community Act (N.C. G. S. Article 47) to apply to our association (Art. III Section 11)

  • Changed the required Reserve Fund from a minimum of 10% of budgeted expenses to a minimum of 50% of Budgeted expenses (Art. IV Section 2d)

  • Authorized the Board to increase annual assessment by 10% over prior year if operating and reserve expenses warrant (Art. IV Section 2a)

  • Added the use of stone and aluminum for construction of fences in addition to brick and wood previously allowed (Art. V Section 11)

  • Clarified or added restrictions on shutters, window tinting, signs, curtains, window units, mailboxes, firearms, decks/patios, outdoor furniture, flags, glass/screens, satellite dishes, and holiday decorations. (Art. V various sections)

  • On-Street parking has been limited to 24 hours (Art. V Section 12)

  • Clarified that owner’s responsibility for sidewalk maintenance includes removal of snow, ice, and stains (Art. V Section 1C)

Other business
Other Business

  • Elections

  • New Business