Thompson high school ell pda final presentation
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Thompson High School ELL PDA Final Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thompson High School ELL PDA Final Presentation. Evaluation Year III Spring 2011. Goals. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the EL PDA To be able to analyze four types of data using the data sequence cycle To use data analysis for continuous improvement planning.

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Thompson high school ell pda final presentation

Thompson High School ELL PDA Final Presentation

Evaluation Year III

Spring 2011


To demonstrate the effectiveness of the EL PDA

To be able to analyze four types of data using the data sequence cycle

To use data analysis for continuous improvement planning

What s been going on at ths for the past three years
What’s been going on at THS for the past three years?

  • Neely Woodley

  • Jake Parker

  • Kadrian Delaine

  • Allison Lackey

  • Ruth Greathouse

  • Betty Barton

  • Brandy Mitchell


  • Great for individual and group work

  • Students have a sense of ownership

  • Student – centered instruction

  • Vocabulary / specific topics / etc.

Small groups
Small Groups

  • Groups of 4 easily become partnerships for projects (more accountability)

  • Homogenous  heterogeneous as they feel more confident in their abilities & sense of comfort

  • Directions are short, sweet, and tailor-made based on student levels (Ex. more descriptive pictures in place of descriptive writing)

  • Always show a GREAT example…and a BAD one

Personal connections
Personal Connections

  • Bellringer Activities – vocabulary

    • Combination comprehension & Parts-of-Speech

  • Compare/Contrast Activity – puzzle pieces

    • Original Bill of Rights // Modern Mexican Constitution

  • Extended Activity – journal prompts

    • Connect BIG IDEA to past experiences (ex. Patrick Henry’s Speech – Have you ever faced opposition when standing up for an ideal? Describe the situation. How did you attempt to persuade people to your line of thinking? Did it work? What methods of persuasion did you use that mirrors Paine’s approach?

Reaching out to the community
Reaching Out to the Community

  • Fall Parent Meetings – PP presentations in Spanish help parents understand their students’ responsibilities at school

  • Alabaster ESL Community Celebration- Potluck

  • Student awards (APLA and exiting certificates)

  • County ESL Department International Festival

  • ESL students serve as bi-lingual guides at summer registration and a community event.

Teacher training and involvement
Teacher Training and Involvement

  • ESL Inclusion teacher training session, August 10, 2010

  • SIOP video lesson “Which Beak Is Best”

  • ELL- PDA team present successful methods.

  • ESL staff discuss language levels, CAN DO descriptors, and procedures.

  • Classroom teachers present ELL tips during the year.

  • BLOG established to share ideas.

  • Core teachers volunteer in after-school tutoring for ELLs.

Thompson high school ell pda final presentation

Data Collection

Collect 3 years of data for longitudinal trend analysis

  • Achievement



  • List of ELs

    who met

    annual cut

    score for


  • AHSGE – all

  • grades tested

  • Grad Rate

Demographic data
Demographic Data

  • 6% of students at Thompson High are ELLs (this includes Flep I and Flep II)

  • 3.6% of students actually took the ACCESS test

  • 6.4% 9th grade

  • 5.2% 10th grade

  • 6.5% 11th grade

  • 6% 12th grade

Achievement data
Achievement Data

  • Include ACCESS scores for the past three years with a focus on 2010.

  • Classroom connections

Thompson high school ell pda final presentation

9th Grade ACCESS Data 2010 THS

Classroom connections
Classroom Connections

  • Reading is a strength among the 9th grade EL students.

  • Visual support in the classroom, as well as, chunking, small groups, and pre loading vocabulary are strategies that have been used to improve reading skills.

  • Speaking is a weakness.

  • More small group instruction would provide opportunities to speak.

Thompson high school ell pda final presentation

10th Grade ACCESS Data 2010 THS

Classroom connections1
Classroom Connections

  • Listening and reading are strengths.

  • More focus on speaking.

  • Small group instruction may assist with speaking skills.

  • Vocabulary development and reading techniques such as chunking, visual support, and personal connections have assisted with above average reading and listening scores.

Thompson high school ell pda final presentation

11th Grade ACCESS Data 2010 THS

Classroom connections2
Classroom Connections

  • Speaking is a strength and a weakness. Several students transferred from schools in California and other states who were already native speakers. We need to continue to work on speaking skills with those students who made level four or lower.

Process data
Process Data

  • Teacher Observations

  • Classroom connections

Classroom connections3
Classroom Connections

  • All teachers observed have been trained in the SIOP model, part of the ELL PDA.

  • Overall, the teachers did a great job of using the SIOP model and instructional strategies that coincide with this model.

  • Areas of focus would include speech appropriateness and learning strategies.

Perception data
Perception Data

  • Teachers

  • School staff

  • Administrators

Classroom connections4
Classroom Connections

  • All three groups perceived THS as having a responsibility to educating ELLs.

  • An area of weakness includes recognizes differences among ELLs. The team should continue to focus on training teachers on how to interpret ACCESS scores in all skill areas.

Classroom connections5
Classroom Connections

  • School climate of acceptance and professional learning increased significantly.

  • While teacher buy in increased, that goal should still be an area of focus.

So what now
So What Now?

Next Steps

  • Ell PDA team will continue to meet monthly.

  • Continue training all faculty on instructing EL students

  • Continue to have community events with EL parents

  • Use all ELL data to create a school improvement goal each year.