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Susan Keller DVM ND State Veterinarian PowerPoint Presentation
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Susan Keller DVM ND State Veterinarian

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Susan Keller DVM ND State Veterinarian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jurisdictions Inhumane Treatment of Animals Morton County Soil Conservation District January 14, 2014. Susan Keller DVM ND State Veterinarian. Various Levels of Jurisdiction. Federal-maximum amount of time animals are allowed to be hauled on trucks

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JurisdictionsInhumane Treatment of AnimalsMorton County Soil Conservation DistrictJanuary 14, 2014

Susan Keller DVM

ND State Veterinarian

various levels of jurisdiction
Various Levels of Jurisdiction
  • Federal-maximum amount of time animals are allowed to be hauled on trucks
  • State- NDCC 36-21.1 and NDCC 36-21.1 and 21.2
  • Local - Law Enforcement and County Commissioners
  • Proprietary/ business requirements

(Recommendations versus Requirements )


Merriam-Webster definition:

1:  the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law

Ex. -The court has jurisdiction over most criminal offenses.

regulations and policies
Regulations and Policies
  • Federal Regulations
    • Slaughtering plant regulations-Humane handling and euthanasia standards
  • State regulations

-New section within NDCC §36 (NDCC 36-21.2) - provides definitions for various forms of inhumane treatment and provides guidance to local law enforcement

  • ND State Board of Animal Health’s policy for the state veterinarian’s office in responding to complaints
exigent circumstances
Exigent Circumstances
  • -no water
  • -no food
  • -weather conditions
  • -cannibalism
  • -other

May need to quickly access or remove animals

board of animal health policy
Board of Animal Health Policy
  • It is the policy of the Board of Animal Health to consult with and defer to the local law enforcement, state’s attorney or county commission regarding determinations of probable cause and exceptions to the search warrant requirement in cases where the Board of Animal Health, the State Veterinarian, or the State Veterinarian’s staff receive an anonymous complaint regarding the health of domestic animals or nontraditional livestock of this state.

December 2013

investigation reports
Investigation Reports
  • May include the following information –
    • body condition scores
    • age of the animals
    • assessment of the feed quality and amount fed if known
    • necropsy information if carcasses available
    • lab information that may indicate emaciation or disease process

*Recommendations may be offered

*Follow up inspections may be needed to determine if the condition of the animals has improved

guidance documents and standards
Guidance Documents and Standards
  • Best Management Practices and Good Stewardship
  • Quality Assurance programs- requirements to be met as a participant- ie. Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) programs
  • American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA)-Animal Welfare Division – 2006
  • OIE – Animal Welfare Standards – trade