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Body Paragraphs

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Body Paragraphs. “The Tell Tale Heart” Persuasive Essays Let’s make your paragraphs STRONG. Think Back…. Who can remember our State Support Explain paragraph model? Can you define and describe it? STATE: SUPPORT: EXPLAIN:. Phew!.

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body paragraphs

Body Paragraphs

“The Tell Tale Heart”

Persuasive Essays

Let’s make your paragraphs STRONG

think back
Think Back…
  • Who can remember our State Support Explain paragraph model?
  • Can you define and describe it?
  • STATE:
  • Good, I’m glad you remember because we are going to be doing the same thing for our Persuasive Essay Body Paragraphs.
    • Lets look at how the outline breaks it down:
      • You are going to need 1 statement, 2 supports, and 2 explains for each paragraph
      • Wrap it up with a conclusion sentence
  • You will have 2 paragraphs that explain why your thesis is correct, and one paragraph that gives a counterargument.
incorporating commentary
Incorporating Commentary
  • When writing, it is important to support one’s opinions with specific examples (concrete details, also called quotes) from the actual text. While identifying these concrete details is important, what is even more important is your analysis and original interpretation of what the quote means. This is called commentary. Using commentary is critical because it demonstrates your original thinking about a character or issue.
    • Example:
      • CD (support): “The school was Monk’s ‘Garden of Eden’” (4).
      • CM (explain): Based on the author’s use of the image ‘Garden of Eden’ readers are meant to determine that the school was a place where Monk was the ruler. Where he and his gang flourished and grew like a beautiful and vibrant garden. This specific reference also implies a comparison to God, which, Monk was a symbol of at the school.
counter argument
Counter Argument
  • Think about our discussion with Doubting and Believing:
    • When writing a persuasive essay, it is important to always consider the opposing argument. It allows you to anticipate doubts and preempt objections that a skeptical reader might have.
    • It presents you as the kind of person who weighs alternatives before arguing for something, who confronts difficulties instead of sweeping them under the rug, who is more interested in discovering the truth than winning a point.
    • When you counter-argue, you consider a possible argument against your thesis or some aspect of your reasoning. You need to show that you understand the opposite viewpoint of your position and then counter it by
      • providing contrasting evidence or
      • by finding mistakes and inconsistencies in the logic of the opposing argument.
little helpers
Little Helpers…

Possible ways to start your counter-argument paragraph are:

    • While I can not argue that…
    • Even though…
    • I agree that…
    • While it is true that…
    • I cannot argue with…
    • Granted…
    • Admittedly…


  • While it is true that the narrator premeditated his murder of the old man he should still be accused of insanity because…
  • I agree that the narrator has some underlying mental issues; however, he is not insane because…