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人教高二英语(下)单词拼写 (units16-17) PowerPoint Presentation
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人教高二英语(下)单词拼写 (units16-17)

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人教高二英语(下)单词拼写 (units16-17) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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人教高二英语(下)单词拼写 (units16-17)

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  1. 人教高二英语(下)单词拼写 (units16-17) Welcome 李卫缨

  2. 1.Parents often make s_________ for their children. 2. Cows s_______ us with milk. 3.I’m pto be your friend. 4.His voice was quite p______ over the telephone. 5.In a few days, he r_____________ strength of body and mind. acrifices upply roud lain ecovered

  3. 6.When did the American C_____War • break out? • 7.Smoking has a bad e____ on our health. • 8.What a pity! All the work is in v________. • The farmers worked from d______ to dark • on the farms. • 10. Facing __________ (失业), 300 workers went on strike. ivil ffect ain awn unemployment

  4. 11.I ________(坚持) on his coming with us. • We should try our best to • _____________(克服) difficulties. • She is _______(心甘情愿的) to help others. • The city is under __________ (重建). • 15. The pains of slaves brought from Africa • by (贪婪的) slave (商人). insisted overcome willing reconstruction greedy traders

  5. 16. The hardships of (失业) and civil (动乱) in the post-war years and the Great __________(萧条期). 17.The many (牺牲) of the civil Rights Movement. 18.The city was destroyed and there was no money for (重建). 19.When the new (市长) of Atlanta started working in 1864, the city had only $1.64. unemployment unrest Depression sacrifices reconstruction mayor

  6. 20.The (不公平) in the city and in the South led Dr King to organize non-violent demonstrations. 21. Dr King’s efforts were not (徒劳). 22. Segregation(最后,终于) disappeared and a new (开端,黎明) seemed to arrive. 23. When they (抵抗), they were killed. injustices in vain eventually dawn resisted

  7. 24. The American government made agreements with Native American (首领), but always broke them (后来). 25. The bison killing became more (普遍). 26. The killing of the bison changed the whole (野生动物) of the (草原). 27. Dr king’s (葬礼) was shown on television and millions of Americans. chiefs afterwards widespread wildlife prairie funeral

  8. 28. After a long time , the old wooden house r_______ away . 29. Your grandfather is not in good p__________ conditions , so you should take good care of him . rotten physical

  9. unit17 • 1.In those days they couldn’t • a_______ to call in a doctor. • I must a_______ my watch. • He is studying hard to improve his • listening, speaking, reading and • writing a_________. afford adjust abilities

  10. 4. I was a student before, so I have a lot of s_________ with the students. 5. Annie c_____ us safely to the station. 6. Hearing is one of the five s________. 7. How many countries will be p________in the 2008 Olympic Games? 8. You mustn’t do that in a p_____ place. sympathy conducted senses participating public

  11. 9. She has artistic p_______ as an artist. 10.All kinds of books are on display in a book f____. 11.Stories of Helen Keller opened up a new world to the people with d_. 12. He, on behalf of all students, gave a speech at the graduation c_________. potential fair disability ceremony

  12. 13.He is a g_____artist. His paintings are world-famous. 14.Good glasses will a_____ you to read well. 15. He received no _____________(承认) for the part he played in the war. 16. You are lucky to have had in your youth the help and ______________(指导) of such a man. gifted assist recognition guidance

  13. 17. At last they experienced the joy of • _____________ (成功). • A telephone is put where it will be • ________________(易得到的). • 19. A little____________(鼓励) is all some people need to keep doing good jobs. • 20. One of Xiao wen’s programmes received an award at her province’s science _________ (商品交易会). victory accessible encouragement fair

  14. 21.We know that we cannot let physical _____________(伤残,残 疾) limit a person’s life. 22.The best way to help is often simply a matter of opening doors and offering ________ (指引). 23.The university has launched a special education college where _____ (有天赋的) disable students received the help they need to succeed. disabilities guidance gifted

  15. 24.They not only learn how to ________ (帮助) disabled people, but also learn the importance of ___________(合作) to reach their goals in life. 25.They need ______ (认可), more than ________ (同情) and help. 26.Like all of us, disabled people also need inspiration and ___________(鼓励). 27.Zijie says he was inspired and ___________(激发) by the magazine. assist cooperating recognition sympathy encouragement motivated

  16. 28.I have learnt to live with my body as it is and ________ (调整) my way of life. 29.It is time for the rest of society to accept me as I am and ________(习惯于) the fact that I can do many great things. 30.The events are surrounded by grand ________ (仪式), and the competition is fierce. adjusted get used to ceremony

  17. 31. For many athletes simply taking part in the games is a ________ (胜利). 32.We must make sure that our streets and public building are safe and _______ (可进入的) to all of us. 33.Society often fails to treat and mentally disabled with _______ (尊严) and respect. victory accessible dignity

  18. 34. By preparing for and ___________ (参加) in the Special Olympics. 35.Mentally disabled people can develop their ability to move, improve their health and gain greater _________(自信). 36.Today there are move opportunities for disables people to develop their ________ (潜力). participating self-confidence potential

  19. 37. Since the accident, Bill can no longer move his legs and he has no feeling below his ________ . 38. Some dogs have been trained to help people who are _______(弱视)impaired. waist visually

  20. The End Thank you