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This is

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  1. Thisis

  2. Jeopardy Earth Science

  3. Jeopardy

  4. What is rotation? Earth in Space for 200 The Earth spinning on it’s axis is called ___________________. Back to Jeopardy

  5. What is 24? Earth in Space for 400 The Earth rotates once on its axis every ____________ hours. Back to Jeopardy

  6. What is Northern Hemisphere? Earth in Space for 600 When the south end of Earth’s axis is tilted toward the sun, it is winter in the ______________________________. Back to Jeopardy

  7. What are solstices? Earth in Space for 800 The two days on which the sun is overhead at either 23.5 degrees north or south are called _________________________. Back to Jeopardy

  8. What is inertia? Gravity and Motion for 200 The tendency of an object to resist change in motion is called ________. Back to Jeopardy

  9. What is one sixth? Gravity and Motion for 400 The pull of gravity on the surface of the moon is _________________ that of Earth. Back to Jeopardy

  10. What is weight? Gravity and Motion for 600 The force of gravity on an object is _________________ Back to Jeopardy

  11. What are masses? Gravity and Motion for 800 The distance between two objects and the __________ of the objects determine the strength of the force of gravity. Back to Jeopardy

  12. What is spring? Phases, Eclipses, and Tides for 200 When the sun, Earth, and moon line up a ____________ tide occurs. Back to Jeopardy

  13. What is neap? Phases, Eclipses, and Tides for 400 A tide with the smallest difference between low and high tides is called a ______________ tide. Back to Jeopardy

  14. What is a lunar eclipse? Phases, Eclipses, and Tides for 600 This eclipse occurs during a full moon when Earth is directly between the moon and the sun. Back to Jeopardy

  15. What are full and new moons? Phases, Eclipses, and Tides for 800 These are the phases of the moon that are visible during a spring tide. Back to Jeopardy

  16. What are maria? Earth’s Moon for 200 These are regions of the moon that appear dark and are believed to have been formed from huge lava flows. Back to Jeopardy

  17. Who is Galileo Galilei? Earth’s Moon for 400 In 1609, this Italian scientist built a telescope to view distant objects. Back to Jeopardy

  18. What is the 4th day? Earth’s Moon for 600 God created the moon on this day. Back to Jeopardy

  19. What is an atmosphere? Earth’s Moon for 800 The moon’s temperature varies so greatly because it doesn’t have one of these. Back to Jeopardy

  20. What is thrust? Traveling Into Space for 200 This is the name of the force that propels a rocket forward. Back to Jeopardy

  21. What is to land astronauts on the moon? Traveling Into Space for 400 This was the goal of the Apollo program. Back to Jeopardy

  22. What is a multistage rocket? Traveling Into Space for 600 This rocket has an advantage in that the total weight of the rocket is reduced as the rocket rises. Back to Jeopardy

  23. What are rovers? Traveling Into Space for 800 These are small robots that collect and analyze samples from the moon or other planets. Back to Jeopardy

  24. What is an equinox? Capture the Chapter for 200 Each of the two days of the year when neither hemisphere is tilted toward the sun is known as this. Back to Jeopardy

  25. What are rotations? Capture the Chapter for 400 In one year, Earth completes 365.26 of these. Back to Jeopardy

  26. What is Vernal? Capture the Chapter for 600 The day in March on which the sun is overhead at noon at the equator is called the ____________ Equinox. Back to Jeopardy

  27. What is escape velocity? Capture the Chapter for 800 This is the velocity a rocket must reach to fly off into space. Back to Jeopardy





  32. Answer Here Slide Title Here Statement Here Back to Double Jeopardy