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Multimedia Electronic Enterprise. E-Commerce. Current and Emerging E-Commerce multimedia information systems, such as medical database, news archive,, on-line library, etc. need more interactivity tele-control, such as remote monitoring

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E commerce

  • Current and Emerging E-Commerce

    • multimedia information systems, such as medical database, news archive,, on-line library, etc.

      • need more interactivity

    • tele-control, such as remote monitoring

      • can be extended to remote diagnosis, remote vehicle control, etc.

      • need better multimedia support over Internet

    • on-line banking and purchasing

      • need interoperability and efficient global transaction processing

    • book stores, computer stores, CD records

      • current applications does not require sophisticated visualization

      • consider purchasing cloth,customized furniture, house

      • need graphical simulation and personalization

E commerce1

  • Current Focus

    • globally interoperable information system among all entities

      • e.g., defense people will know all their suppliers and the status of the supplies in stock

        • funded ECRC to educate business to get on line

      • e.g., medical information system (statistics)

      • e.g., Dell sends parts order immediately after clients' order

    • research

      • workflow modeling and automation

      • security: how to authorize or authenticate these accesses

E enterprise

  • Extend to E-Enterprise to consider non-commercial applications

    • e.g., intelligent education system -- collect information on web

    • e.g., virtual museum, virtual zoo: allow camera control and multimedia visualization

    • e.g., remote virtual reality training for astronauts

    • remote vehicle control for cargo transportation

    • remote diagnosis for doctors or repair service

Our research focus
Our Research Focus

  • Develop MEE enabling technologies

  • Build MEE subsystems, middlewares, standards, design patterns, and tools to facilitate the development of MEE application systems

    • highly customizable

    • highly reliable/available/secure

    • high performance

Research topics
Research Topics

  • Web Server Systems Design

    • MEE server subsystem

      • availability, load balancing, etc.

    • MEE middleware for QoS assurance

      • integrated QoS considering admission control and network QoS

    • global transaction processing technology

    • support agent execution -- security issues

  • Integrated Interface

    • virtual strip with stores and officies

    • each store or office can link to multiple sites

    • personal database to guide the information organization/display

Integrated mee user interface
Integrated MEE User Interface

  • User can build a virtual strip to handle everything in his daily life

  • A store can be linked to several web sites

    • use agents to go to various store to retrieve information

    • use wrapping technology to help infor. organization

    • use personal database to guide the display of the infor.

  • From office, the user can do all his work

    • contains a file system that can retrieve all user files

    • the physical files can be anywhere and files migrate when necessary if no conflicts (e.g.,security)

    • accesses to files in different file systems require virtual display support

  • On-line telephony to talk to others

  • Visualization support for cloth, furniture shops

Book Store

Cloth Store


Repair Services


Integrated mee user interface1
Integrated MEE User Interface









Integrated mee user interface2
Integrated MEE User Interface

  • Information wrapping

    • define a standard framework for structuring any information site

      • break information to segments, tag the information, and define relationship of the information

      • potential candidate: XML

  • Personal database

    • define a framework for extracting and storing personal information

      • historical, user defined, specified on the fly

      • links, preferences, personal data

  • Information organization

    • define methods for information filtering and selection

      • e.g., for purchasing a book: filter out entries with price above range, select an entry if multiple are found, etc.

Research projects
Research Projects

  • Information wrapping, retrieving, and organization

  • Personal Database

  • Information organization

    • Xiao-Dong Wang

  • Interface (Virtual Strip)

    • implement a tool (in Java) for construction of virtual city

    • modify netscape to allow invocation of the tool

    • for each block, set up links to web sites and to personal database

    • try to define the framework and entries in the personal database for the implementation of a virtual book store

Research projects1
Research Projects

  • File System

    • build a file system (as part of the personal database)

    • the file system stores tuples: (file name, location, software for accessing it, attributes)

    • when a file is accessed, the corresponding software to manipulate the file should be invoked locally or remotely

    • modify netscape to list files in the file system

    • modify netscape to fetch the file when a file is selected, if the access software is not local, then a virtual window should be used to display and manipulate the file

    • migration, replication, caching issues

      • Kelly Dougherty

      • the home page cannot migrate due to the fixed reference address

Mee server subsystem model
MEE Server Subsystem Model

  • Distributed servers

    • clustered locally

    • distributed over WAN

  • Distribution algorithms

    • help clients/agents get to the nearest node with the lowest load
















Mee server subsystem
MEE Server Subsystem

  • Client sends agent to obtain services (instead of request)

    • agent could go to multiple sites to collect information

    • agent could replicate itself for fault tolerance

  • Server should support agent execution

    • security issues

    • agent migration







Research projects2
Research Projects

  • Implement server subsystem

    • implement a randomized agent/request distribution algorithm

    • implement agent replication

    • implement agent migration

    • integrate the system with netscape and apache

  • Security for agent-based approach

    • authentication and code verification

    • Ajay Sachdev

  • Support web file system

    • implement a middleware that supports file system migration and replication among a give set of servers

Global transaction processing
Global Transaction Processing

  • Processing transactions involving multiple databases

    • interoperability, atomicity

  • Processing transactions on widely distributed systems

    • how to minimize the latency while assuring atomicity

  • Transaction processing on locally distributed systems

    • using a shared storage hierarchy (main memory + disk)

    • reliable shared storage (replicaiton)

Transfer $10K

from a to b

Deposite $10K

to b in DB-B

Deduct $10K

from a in DB-A



Research projects3
Research Projects

  • Implement a shared memory subsystem

    • application program define object space

      • one indexing system for each object space

      • indexing system is fully replicated on all servers

    • information for all object spaces is stored on all servers

    • objects space attributes

      • structure, memory/disk, replicated/single-copy, migratable

    • functions

      • object space definition functions (specify all attributes)

      • lock/unlock/read/write

      • execute an entire transaction on the object

    • object replication migration -- decision functions

Research projects4
Research Projects

  • Two phase commit protocol

    • implement on top of the shared storage system

    • TCB space in memory, primary-backup replication

    • index/lock space in memory, fully replicated on all servers

    • database on disk, none or RAID replication

      • periodic updatae RAID scheme (use time stamp to control)

    • Shian-Shing Shiu

  • Global transaction processing

    • transactions involving multiple databases

Qos middleware
QoS Middleware

  • Integration of network level and system level QoS control

    • multimedia server admission control

    • integrated service

    • differentiated service

  • QoS for wireless networks

    • simulation of an algorithm

  • IP routing

  • IP look up

    • simulation to compare the performance of a few IP lookup algorithms





Concurrent control with virtual presence
Concurrent Control with Virtual Presence

  • Synchronize concurrent accesses

    • group requests and multicast multimedia information

    • Service admission control

  • Coordination among remotely controlled units

    • group and multicast common view

    • coordinate to achieve a common goal

    • e.g., tele-controlled vehicles










Multimedia education systems
Multimedia Education Systems

  • Algorithm Animation

    • e.g., animate the execution of a tree node deletion

    • implement a tool that supports algorithm animation

      • map program objects to graphical objects

      • insert action in program to display the program/graphics objects

      • insert interactive buttons for user control

      • insert parameterized speech for algorithm explaination

  • Web Lecture System

    • install the WLS software

    • examine the functions of client server interaction

    • examine the functions of video recording