dr monica martinez vice president for education strategy knowledgeworks foundation n.
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Dr. Monica Martinez Vice President for Education Strategy KnowledgeWorks Foundation PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Monica Martinez Vice President for Education Strategy KnowledgeWorks Foundation

Dr. Monica Martinez Vice President for Education Strategy KnowledgeWorks Foundation

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Dr. Monica Martinez Vice President for Education Strategy KnowledgeWorks Foundation

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  1. Dr. Monica Martinez Vice President for Education Strategy KnowledgeWorks Foundation Achieving Coherence: A Vision for Learning

  2. Drivers of Change: National Defense Education Act (1958) A Nation At Risk (1983) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (2000) NCLB (2001) STEM (2006) 25th Anniversary-A Nation at Risk (2008)

  3. Is the Window on HS Reform Closing? • 53% decline of governors who discussed high school redesign and improvement efforts as a priority • 18% of the governors described efforts to improve academic preparation of students in STEM. • 55% increase in the number of governors who are focusing on K-12 teachers

  4. Silver Bullets • Core Curriculum • Rigorous Curriculum – AP/IB • Alignment to Postsecondary Education • Professional Development • Restructuring (Block Scheduling, Small Schools) • Interventions - Double Dosing, Adolescent Literacy • Dual Enrollment • Personalization (Plans, Advisories, etc.) • Vouchers, Charters

  5. Quotes For every complex problem today there is a simple solution…that doesn’t succeed.

  6. Indiana – New Model High Schools • Governor’s vision to seed new model high schools through the state in targeted local communities through NGA Honors funding and matching funds. • Empowered communities to engage identify and replicate promising models. • 17 new models received $50K to support redesign • Scale up process had to be owned by local communities and connected to the state’s regional economies. • State business leaders and State Superintendent are working to scale the most prominent model, New Tech, across the state. • 10 year commitment

  7. North Carolina • Multi-Pronged Approach to Expand Supply of high quality public schools • It is a public-private partnership – North Carolina Business Committee for Education created the North Carolina New Schools Project • The Governors Learn and Earn /Early College • North Carolina Virtual Public School • Small Schools • New Technology High Schools

  8. Florida - P-20 Model • Works across all education levels/systems. • Goal: Alignment of early childhood, K-12, and postsecondary policies. • Created an integrated K-12 and postsecondary student-unit record systems. • Centralized authority through the Governor’s authority over the Commissioner and Board of Education

  9. South Dakota – 2010 Initiative • Has a P21 Advisory Counsel which includes business leaders, legislators and state education leaders. • Establishes specific, measurable GOALS that we expect our system of public education to attain by 2010. • Identifies OBJECTIVES-specific to each goal • Identifies specific ACTION STEPS in order to reach the stated objective. • Identifying the individuals who are responsible for execution of the action step.

  10. West Virginia - 21st century school system • The Board of Education vision of developing 21st century school system is aligned with the Governor’s efforts to link educational improvement and economic development in West Virginia. • WVA educators played a key role in shaping the content standards to align with national standards, rigorous national assessments and research and best practice in the field.

  11. Rhode Island • Engaged stakeholders starting as far back as 2000 and 2003.l • Started with assessment which meant they had to vision learning and outcomes. • Their vision was that students should be proficient in applied skills and deep content knowledge • Applied learning skills includes critical thinking; problem solving; decision making; interpreting information; research, analytic reasoning; communication; personal or social responsibility.

  12. Common Strategic Elements • Coherent corepurpose and a set of core values • They had a vision for learning • Stakeholders are engaged • Individual purposes are subordinate to the larger purpose of public education • Quality of education is connected to the vitality of the economy. • Thinking outside of the box

  13. HS Center’s Mapping Framework Stakeholder Engagement Leadership and Governance Resources for Sustainability

  14. Ohio • KnowledgeWorks Foundation • National Education Association • Daniel Kim, Facilitator

  15. Ohio • Going to the root of the root -ask and answer the most essential questions and build from a placed of shared purpose. • Re-conceive and optimize at the state level as PE is primarily a state responsibility and currently there are numerous groups seeking optimization at their level of the system which sub-optimizes the system as a whole. • No system transformation without organization transformation Change is the result of learning and therefore direct engagement with stakeholders within the system is imperative. • Slower is faster which means that artificial speed is not imposed on this work and that it progresses at the rate which reflects the group’s ability to gain clarity and commitment.

  16. Current Drivers • Changing world (Map of the Decade) • Fractured activity for reform that creates a piecemeal, unsustainable approach to change • The threat that the current system aims are being tremendously narrowed by special interests because there is not a voice for the commonly held system.