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“ Providing Strategies for Success ”. Growing Against the Grain: Best Practice Credit Union Thrival Strategies Utah League Annual Meeting March 14-15 th , 2014 Presented By: John A. Vardallas CAE,CUDE Professional Speaker/Business Strategist

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Providing strategies for success

Providing Strategies for Success”

Growing Against the Grain: Best Practice Credit Union Thrival Strategies

Utah League Annual Meeting

March 14-15th, 2014

Presented By: John A. Vardallas CAE,CUDE

Professional Speaker/Business Strategist

Founder/CEO TheAmericanBoomeR Group

Welcome utah credit union leaders
Welcome Utah Credit Union Leaders!


The Green Bay Packers

Credit Unions


The Green Bay Packers

Credit Unions

My credit unions
My Credit Unions…

UW Credit Union

($1.7 Billion)


Credit Union

($1.9 Billion)

Today s Program ObjectivesThis session will focus on how CU s can position themselves for future growth….

  • To identify and assess the new financial services marketplace competition.

  • To utilize the Credit Union Competitive Advantage in telling our story to members and the community.

  • To explore Strategies for Thriving not just Surviving for using our competitive advantages in increasing loan volume and market/wallet share.

  • To review some “Best Practice” Credit Unions for Ideas on utilizing sound Business Growth Strategies.

Credit union metrics for 2013
Credit Union Metrics for 2013…

Total Credit Unions: 6,500+

Total CU Branches: 21,000 +

Total Membership: 96,000,000+

Total Assets: Surpassed $1 Trillion Milestone

Stronger member activity in 2013
Stronger Member Activity in 2013

  • Loan/Share Ratio 70.9%

  • Loan Growth Up 6.9%

  • New/Used Autos grew 11.2 %/9.8%

  • Share Growth 2.8%

  • Consumer Lending Up 8.5%

  • Net Worth Ratio: 10.7%

  • 2.3 + Nationwide Average Accounts Per Member (Callahan)

Why this resurgence in 2013
Why this Resurgence in 2013?

Improving economy?

Better pricing?

Lingering Bank Transfer Day effect?

Pull back by the competition?

Competitor missteps?

Credit unions’ approach to serving their member owners?

Consumers using different criteria when selecting a different kind of financial institution?

Key factor 4 why growth in 2014 net interest margins are not cover operating expenses
Key Factor 4 Why Growth in 2014: Net Interest Margins Are Not Cover Operating expenses!

Data as of December 31

Source: Callahan’s Peer-to-Peer Analytics

The 2014 economic new normal trends
The 2014 Economic Not Cover Operating expenses! “New Normal” Trends…

  • Slow Economic Growth

  • Weak Demand for Goods

  • New Era of “Consumer Thrift”

  • Higher Unemployment

  • Tighter Underwriting Standards

  • Loan/Savings Growth (7%/4%)

  • Stagnant Household Income

  • Higher Tax Levels (CUNA E-SCAN)

Lets look at why credit unions need to continue our growth strategies
Lets Look at Why Credit Unions Need to Continue Our Growth Strategies…


The new competition
The New Competition… Strategies…

10% Market Share out of $63 Trillion Total Fin Services Industry

The competition who are they
The Competition: Who Are They? Strategies…

-- Banks/ Club/ (PTP online lending/borrowing .coms) Western Sky Financial/Cash

-- Finance/Insurance Companies (GM/Ford/State Farm Bank/Allstate/USAA).

-- Mutual Funds/Brokerage Houses/H&R Block.

-- Retailers/Card Companies/Wall Mart/Home Depot.

-- .com Orgs (Lending Tree, National Mortgage, Car Quest, My, ING Direct, etc).

-- Pawn Shops/Quick Cash/Pay Day Lenders/Campus Cash/ Check Cashers/Money Stores.

What Do They Want? Your Members Business!

How can a credit union grow
How Can A Credit Union Grow? Strategies…

Let us Count the Ways….

  • More Members (Market Share)

  • More Product/Service Usage

    by Members (Wallet Share)

    3) Mergers

  • Fees/Investments

  • Non Interest Income (Interchange)

    (Sales from Insurance/Fin Products)

We must think outside the box and look to create our blue ocean
We Must Think Strategies…“Outside the Box” and Look to Create Our “Blue Ocean”…

  • Our Leaders must Embrace Change and the New Normal: More Emphasis on Innova-Shun--Less on Tradi-shun.

  • Creativity is thinking up new things.

  • Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt management expert

Ideas for how we can create our cu blue ocean
Ideas for How We Can Create Our Strategies…“CU Blue Ocean”

Can we create our “Blue Ocean” for…..

  • SmallBusinesses by being the Financial Institution of Choice in our community?

  • Can we create our Blue Ocean for Serving theUnderserved?

  • Can we create our Blue Ocean by helping Immigrants (the New Americans) get established in our communities?

  • Can we create our Blue Ocean by being a Trusted FinancialAdvocate/Advisor for our members/offering the best Financial Education programs to consumers?

The Lifeblood of Strategies…Credit UnionsFocus on being a Member Centric CU because Members are the Source of All Prosperity



What will it take to keep me a member in the future
What Will It Take To Keep Me A Member in the Future…. Strategies…

More Customized Products– I want to see products designed/crafted to my needs!

Personalized Marketing– I’ am tired of zapping through the same old information. Send info about products I want via e-mail, web site,cross sell, newsletter, I don’t care. If its news I can use I’ll pay attention.

No Excuse Service– Train your people to respond to my concerns as if they were the most important things in the world. Ban the phrase “Its not my dept”. Wow me at every chance you get to serve me.

One Stop Shopping– Make it easy for me to interact and do business with you in person and online 24/7/365.

Rapid Change– Don’t wait to make these shifts….

I’ am already shopping your competition!

When we bring in a new member
When We Bring in A Strategies…“New Member”…

Offer A “CU Welcome On-Boarding Packet”:

-- Welcome to Our CU Family Letter signed by CEO/Chairman (Member Advocates Connect with new members First 90 days)

-- Product/Service Information Brochures

-- Hours of Operation (7x24x365)/Web Site info

-- Member Card/Discloser Forms

-- All in One Member/Loan Application

-- Department/Staff Listing/Concierge Services

-- Certificate of Member Ownership/Member Care 800#

-- Teach Members to Self Serve Themselves via Tech

-- Set up Outbound Call Center/ follow up personalized calls to build more profitable relationships with members who join through remote channels.

Note tips 4 connecting with different gen members
Note: Strategies… Tips 4 Connecting With Different Gen Members

  • Greatest Generation(Pre WW2)

    Write Me!

  • Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

    Call Me!

  • Generation X (1965-1981)

    E-mail Me!

  • Generation Y-Z (1982-1995) (1996-ON)

    Text/FB/Tweet Me!

Thoughts on fees 2 fee or not 2 fee
Thoughts on Fees…. Strategies…2 FEE or NOT 2 FEE?

Fee, Fy

Fo, Fum

We Need Some Income!

Review your fee structure
Review Your Strategies…“FEE” Structure


With Tight Margins/Flat Yields in Financial Institutions… we need to consider:

Fee Income as offsetting this situation.

40% of Banking Income is from Fees

CU Fee Income Up 30% last ten years.

10% of Credit Union Income is from Fees

Strategic Q: Are you leaving $ on the table?

Suggestion: Have Good Waiver Policies

(Loose approach leads to missed $)

New business growth opportunities abound
New Business Growth Opportunities Abound !… Strategies…

  • Serving New Americans/The Underserved (Hispanics)

    (30+ million immigrants in USA/$Bill Remittances)

  • Offer Risk Based Pricing/Debit Cards for Interchange $

  • Check Cashing/Business Services/Lending/E-Car Lot

  • Offer Burial/Will/Tax Services

  • Lifestyle/New Image Lending (Nip & Tuck Services)

    $12 billion spent on Cosmetic Procedures in USA

  • Health Savings Accounts/Better Pay Day Loan Programs

  • Get to Love Boomers/Women/SBO s More

  • Capitalize on Bank Vulnerability: Occupy CUs/Recapture Checking Business (Utilize Switch Kits More)

  • Other Non Interest Income via CUSO (Insurance/Travel)

Some divide conquer work the street growth strategies
Some Divide & Conquer: Strategies…“Work the Street Growth Strategies”…

Break Down Members into Cluster Groups and Market to those needs

  • Youth/Young Adults

  • Single/Married

  • Baby Boomers

  • Seniors

  • The Underserved

  • Small Business Sector

    3 Key Groups/Areas to Focus on:

    1) Young Adults 2) Boomers 3) Small Business

Divide conquer example the gens y x the utes they are the next gen of borrowers
Divide & Conquer Example: Strategies…The Gens Y&X (“The Utes”)(They are the Next Gen of Borrowers)…

Age Demographic: Born After 1980

Characteristics: Born with Internet, experiences beyond their years, older parents, may not have to work, independent earlier .

(80% unaware they can join a CU)

Looking to Credit Union for help with:

Getting started, establishing credit, checking acct, education loans, first car, credit/debit cards

Reach Them By: Clubs, Student CUs, I-pods/phones/I-app with Loans, Kool cu web page, put on Youth Task Force/Committees, Provide Scholarships/Offer Brass Magazine .com

2 americans over 50 the new 30 a big market
2) Americans Over 50… the New 30! Strategies…“A BIG MARKET”…

  • 70% OF WEALTH


  • 50% OF IRAs/KEOGHS







Divide conquer example your boomer members they have will have the
Divide & Conquer Example: Strategies…Your “Boomer” Members (They Have/Will Have the $)

Age Demographic: Born 1945-1965

Characteristic: Known as “Sandwich”, Me Generation

(Stand to Inherit $10 Trillion/ Will Pass On $30 Trillion 2 Gens X/Y)

Looking to the Credit Union For help with:

--Trusts, Luxury Cars, RV/SUVs?/Harleys?

-- New Image (Nip & Tuck Lifestyle Loans)

-- College Fund/Bill Pay/Reverse Mortgages

-- IRA/Business Loan/Long Term Health Care

-- RETIREMENT PLANNING/Wealth Transfer Management

(Pensions Declining trend, shift to Personal responsibility)

Have Other Influences on their Kids/Parents

What can your do to make your credit union more appealing to boomers
What Can Your Do to Make Your Credit Union More Appealing to Boomers…

  • Make information Simple and in larger type fonts

  • Have Carpeting in the CU for a more quiet area

  • Use soft Retro Musak/Make literature racks eye level/Have staff use Direct eye contact with Boomers

  • Use warmer Paint/Tone colors in your CU

  • Go Green, use plants soft white lights

  • Make Parking spaces/drives through a bit wider

  • Omit the using Senior when addressing Boomers

    (they consider themselves mid lifers)

  • Set up a “Retirement Planning Education Center”– Offer Special on setting up a SS Direct Deposit Acct since now all Retiree checks from GOV will be direct deposit

  • Bring back the “Toaster” as a premium giveaway!

3 the small business sector
3) The Small Business Sector… Boomers…

Is the Growing Small Business sector in Your Community an opportunity for your CU ?

-- 5 Million Small Businesses in US (companies less the 500 employees/45 % of private payrolls/created

60-80% of US JOBS the last decade)

-- 10 Million self employed persons +

(Restaurants/Salons/MDs/Dentists/Service Companies/Retail Stores/Consultants)

-- Loans

-- Deposits

-- Fee Income/Merchant – Funded Rewards

-- Potential Employee Membership

Common strengths practices of successful cus in 2013
Common Strengths & Practices of Successful CUs in 2013…. Boomers…

  • A Good/Improving Sales Culture.

  • Consistent Underwriting/Good Standards.

  • Market Power - 1st Choice Community Lenders.

  • Symbiotic Product Lines -Cross selling from each other- auto and credit cards.

  • Direct/Indirect Lending -To Existing Members and Branch Traffic/Strong Dealership Relations.

  • Make Bank Transfer Day Everyday! Keep Fanning the Flames of New Member Fans!

  • Offer Incentives– Lifetime Free Checking/Debit Rewards/Cash Backs/Convert Credit Cards/E-Statements/Mobil Apps/Groupon.

A look @ some recent best practice growth credit unions
A Look @ Some Recent Best Practice Growth Credit Unions… Boomers…

1)Alabama Telco CU ($450M+) Birmingham AL

Deposit/Loan Balances up to 20%

New Loans/ New Households Up 60%

CU Strategy: How Did they do it?

-- Took A Strategic Marketing Approach

-- Use MCIF Analyzer (pull demographics/break down accts into profitability and trigger follow up calls/mail campaigns)

-- Sell more to each Member Household

-- Created Member On Boarding program for New accounts / Contact prospects into Members

Best practice credit unions cont
Best Practice Credit Unions (cont) Boomers…

2)Brewton Mill FCU ($21M) Brewton, Alabama

Five Year Average Annual Growth: 10%+

Five Year Average Membership Growth: 20%

CU Strategy: How Did they do it!

-- Moved to Community Charter, expand CU services, adding debit, share drafts, and CDs

-- Immersing CU in the Community Sponsoring local events/charities.

-- Converting Bank Customers focusing on CU Safety

-- Increasing Advertising activities/Re-Branding the CU with message CU is for Everybody

Best practice credit unions
Best Practice Credit Unions… Boomers…

3) United Labor Credit Union

($9.7 M) Kansas City MO

Primary Membership: Construction workers

Auto Loan Growth Up 9%

CU Strategy: How Did They Do It!

-- Improving Relations with SEG/Get out in Front of People/Build Trust.

-- Go after Pent up Demand for Vehicles.

-- Less emphasis on Credit Score/Offer “Empower Hour”to learn more about members financial needs.

-- Offers regular Financial Education/Retirement Planning Seminars and looks for opportunities how the CU can help members.

More best practice credit unions
More Best Practice Credit Unions… Boomers…

4)Upper Cumberland Credit Union ($30M) Crossville, TN Achieved a 7%+ Membership growth/30% Loan growth.

CU Strategy: How Did They Do It?

All staff carry the title Member Advisor/All take time with members to cross sell/ all trained to contribute to the success of the CU has a institution –wide sales emphasis.

Rewards/Bonuses are spread across all CU business units.

5) Randolph-Brooks FCU ($5.3B)San Antonio, TX witnessed a 10%+ Real Estate Lending, 10% Auto Lending and 20% Credit Card Growth.

CU Strategy: How Did They Do It? Increased Marketing, Shorter term loans focusing on members in their 20/30s who need Core services, first home/car/checking account. Non interest income driven & diversifying income streams.

My top 13 in 14 cu thrival growth strategies
My Top 13 in 14 Boomers…“CU Thrival” Growth Strategies…

  • Work Your CU Back Yard (wallet share) Focus on Deepening Relationships by promoting we have $ to Lend with your current Members. Lending is still King!

  • Review Your Fee Structures- for market place adjustments and to offset decline in NIM.

  • Have a Merger/Alliance/Collaboration Strategy- be prepared for the potential of taking in another CU.

  • Train staff to Cross Sell and Wow members at every Touch Point opportunity 7x24x365.

  • Create Best Value Proposition for Members. Reconnect with Current/New Members. Keep the CU Transfer On Going. Show Membership has privileges offer Incentives: Groupon/Free Credit Report/Prepaid Gift Cards/Cash Backs/Miles Member Care 800#/Certificate of Membership.

Top 13 cont
Top 13 (cont)… Boomers…

6) Offer Relationship Pricing—the more members use the CU s services, the better the deal. Bundle products (checking/debit cards) to maximize income.

7) Reach out to Boomers/Women via Small

Business Services/Lifestyle Lending products.

8) Exploit Cost Efficiencies/Control Expenses via

Technology (E-Channels/Online/Mobile/Remote).

Eliminate waste: Practice “Kaizen”

“Process Improvement” Activities.

9) Make it a Strategic Imperative to Reach Out to

Youth/Young Adults (focus on FinancialLiteracy ) via their means: Schools/ I-Phone/Soc Networks. The under 30 demographic is your next generation of business for your CU.

Top 13 in 14
Top 13 in 14… Boomers…

10) Consider starting a CUSO offering DP/HR/IT/TravelProducts and Services.

11) Focus more on Non Interest Income: Debit Cards, (Insurance Products (Pet) GAP Coverage, Credit Protection) (Interchange/Over draft Fees) Investments/Brokerage Services.

12) Embrace Mobile/Tablet Technology and SocialMedia. Utilize innovative ideas to create Apps for this and that and do not Fear Facebook (1 Billion Members Worldwide!)

(7 Billion Smart Phones/70 Million Tablets Worldwide)

Consumers/Members are a Mobile Branch!

13) Get the Right Staff in the Right seats on your CU Bus and lead them in the Right direction to Serve Members more effectively and Teach members How 2 Serve Themselves.

Transform your cu into a benchmark consumer wow brand organization
Transform Your CU Into A Benchmark Consumer Boomers…“Wow” Brand Organization

  • Disney (Customers are Guests)

  • Lands End (Satisfaction GTD)

  • Starbucks (Taste the Sensory Experience)

  • Ritz Carlton Hotels (5 Star Service)

  • Nordstrom’s (Lifetime WRTY)

  • Southwest Airlines (Fun & Cheap)

  • Your Credit Union (Member Centric Service?)

For future growth i would like to see cu s include performance measures to be more member focused

Traditional: Boomers…







“Member Focused”

Average Member Balances

Product/Service Usage

Market Share

Member Return

For Future Growth--I would like to see CU s Include Performance Measures to Be More Member Focused…

And finally as we think outside the box and grow against the grain remember

Boomers…Its not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it’s the one that is most adaptable to Change”

Charles Darwin

And Finally…As we“Think Outside the Box” and “Grow Against the Grain”… Remember

Thank You For Your Attention Boomers…

& Input…..

I wish you Personal

and Professional Success!

[email protected]

About john a vardallas cae cude providing strategies for success
About John A. Vardallas Boomers…CAE,CUDE“Providing Strategies for Success”

John A. Vardallas is an International Credit Union Business Consultant and Founder/CEO of TheAmericanBoomeR Group, a Madison Wisconsin based Speaking and Consulting Business. His work focuses on helping credit union leaders and organizations increase productivity and profitability.He conducts High Performance Leadership & Management Development, World Class Service, Change and Growth programs forstaff and directors. He also facilitates Strategic Planning sessions for a variety of credit unions throughout the US each year.

For a free E-Catalogue of Programs & Services you may contact John/ Office (608) 221-4621 Cell (608) 577-8707/e-mail [email protected]/

Lets keep the conversation going
Lets Keep the Conversation Going… Boomers…

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