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Module 6 Unit17 lesson3 My Favorite Comedy 欧阳白蓉 PowerPoint Presentation
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Module 6 Unit17 lesson3 My Favorite Comedy 欧阳白蓉

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Module 6 Unit17 lesson3 My Favorite Comedy 欧阳白蓉 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module 6 Unit17 lesson3 My Favorite Comedy 欧阳白蓉

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  1. Module 6 Unit17 lesson3 My Favorite Comedy 欧阳白蓉

  2. 大独裁者

  3. 变相怪杰

  4. Discussion • Do you like to watch comedies? Why or why not? 2. What is your favourite funny movie or TV programme? Why? 3. Who is your favourite comedian? Why?

  5. Click the following website to enjoy a short comedy and then tell me whether you like it or not?

  6. Reading Strategies:Making Inferences1. Sometimes things are not stated explicitly (clearly)in the text. You need to make inferences to understand what is meant. 2. First, read the text to get the general idea. Then read the questions and use them to guide you. 3. Read the text again using logic to make inferences.

  7. Reading Let’s read the comedy Mr. Bean , which was acted by Rowan Atkinson.

  8. Read Text1 and match the paragraphs with the main ideas.1. Paragraph 1 a. The author’s opinion of Mr Bean 2. Paragraph 2 b. A brief introduction to Mr Bean 3. Paragraph 3 c. Ordering a dish 4. Paragraph 4 d. Celebrating birthday

  9. Read Text2 and match the paragraphs with the main ideas.1. Paragraph 1 a. Rowan’s education2. Paragraph 2 b. Rowan’s acting talent3. Paragraph 3 c. Who plays Mr Bean4. Paragraph 4 d. Rowan’s career change

  10. Read text1 and answer the questions. You must make some inferences. 1.Why has Mr. Bean gone to a fancy restaurant on this particular day? Because that day was his birthday. We know that he has brought a birthday card with him that he signs and gives to himself.

  11. 2.Does Mr. Bean have many friends? How do you know? No. because nobody sent him a birthday card. He could only write it by himself.

  12. 3. Why does Mr. Bean choose the “steak tartare”? Because it is the only dish he can pay for. He doesn’t have enough money to order other dishes.

  13. 4.Why does Mr. Bean pretend to like the food when the waiters talk to him? Because if he showed his disliking to the the waiter, the waiter would ask him to order something else. As all of us know, he could not afford to order other dishes.

  14. Second-reading 1.How do you know that Rowan Atkinson is not like his famous character Mr. Bean? In what ways is he different? Rowan is very educated and Mr Bean is not. Mr Bean has an ugly little car but Rowan has a vast collection of fast cars.

  15. 2.Did Rowan Atkinson’s parents encourage him to become an actor? Why or why not? No. Because he spent his early years with his family on the farm with his mother,three older brothers and his strict father, who did not believe in the value of television.

  16. 3.Does Rowan Atkinson like to work with other talented people? How do you know? Yes. Because when he met a group of talented people at university, he realized this could be a career for him.

  17. awkward and absurd Summary Mr Bean, a world-famous comedy character, often amuses audiences by getting into __________________ situations. In one show in a restaurant, he ________ to receive a birthday card from somebody else and then shows it to others __________. But it’s he himself who made the card. Being _____________ , he orders the dish called “steak tartare”, which is actually raw hamburger. ____________as it is, he pretends to ________________ it because he doesn’t want to expose his _______________. Mr Bean is played by Rowan Atkinson, a well- known British actor. He once attended the same school as Tony Blair. Rowan was a _____ student at Newcastle University, and obtained his Master’s degree in ____________________at Oxford. Although he had already shown ____________________at primary school, he didn’t choose it as a career until at university. short of money be satisfied with Disgusting embarrassment electrical engineering admirable acting talent

  18. Speaking What do you think of Mr Bean and the actor Rowan Atkinson?

  19. T h a n k Y o u !