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Thirsty Thoughts Drinking Yoghurt PowerPoint Presentation
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Thirsty Thoughts Drinking Yoghurt

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Thirsty Thoughts Drinking Yoghurt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thirsty Thoughts Drinking Yoghurt. Annual Market Quantification September 2011. Setting the scene.

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Thirsty Thoughts

Drinking Yoghurt

  • Annual Market Quantification
  • September 2011
setting the scene
Setting the scene

Drinking yoghurt is essentially stirred yoghurt that has a sufficiently low total solid content to achieve a liquid, pourable consistency. When flavoured drinking yoghurt is produced, 15-20% fruit juice is normally added to the product and mixed thoroughly before packaging it. Heat treatment may be applied to extend the storage life, although this would reduce or eliminate the viable yoghurt culture organisms. It is available plain or flavoured in full cream, low fat or zero fat formats.

Drinking yoghurt is commonly consumed as a beverage and is a healthy addition to children’s lunch boxes. It is available in a variety of pack sizes; both single serving and family-size packs; and is normally packed in cartons, HDPE/PET bottles as well as sachets. Drinking yoghurt competes with other dairy beverages such as milk, dairy juice blends and flavoured milk as well fruit juices. Their unique selling proposition lies in their ability to be supplemented by means of value addition ingredients, such as probiotics.


drinking yoghurt recovers lost volumes
Drinking yoghurt recovers lost volumes

Drinking yoghurt is a popular drink amongst the younger generation, with marketing focus placed on the young adult demographic. The category leader is the Yogi-sip brand, which is marketed as a vibrant, energy-filled product, aimed at university or young working population.

Drinking yoghurt saw large growth in 2010 as several large players expanded their lines. This growth also represents a recovery in volumes lost during the 2009 recession.

Movement within the regional players has seen Gauteng become the focus of some players, even though production in this province saw a decline in 2010. This is not a particularly well-established category and thus given the reduced base, even the smallest volume movement reflects as large growth in percentage terms.

As production moved away from sachets, rigid plastic saw growth from 64.1% in 2009 share to 86.9% in 2010.This level of growth shows the focus on this particular pack format, with new packaging designs and labeling allowing more freedom in the branding and marketing of drinking yoghurt.



Thirsty Thoughts

Drinking Yoghurt

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