presentation on marketing plan of grameenphone n.
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Presentation on Marketing Plan of Grameenphone PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation on Marketing Plan of Grameenphone

Presentation on Marketing Plan of Grameenphone

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Presentation on Marketing Plan of Grameenphone

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  1. Presentation on Marketing Plan of Grameenphone

  2. Introduction Grameenphone is the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh and offers special packages and agreements to the largest companies and organizations in the country. Grameenphone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh. It also established the first 24-hour Call Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Stay Close, stated goal of Grameenphone is to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh. We have analyzed the marketing plan of Grameenphone and try to point out their lacks and suggest some new idea

  3. Market description Grameen Phone Limited is an existing company, and is the leading cellular service provider in Bangladesh operating a nationwide. Over the past few years the use of cell phone brought about tangible changes in the lifestyle of the people of Bangladesh. Today, a cellular phone is a mere necessity. From a small retail trader at Karwan Bazaar to a remote villager uses cell phone. Four companies are operating in the mobile phone sector in Bangladesh. Grameen Phone, Citycell, Robi and BanglaLink Airtel. Among them the services of Grameen Phone appear to be comparatively better in terms of nationwide networking, customer handling, trouble shooting, billing system etc. Grameen Phone (GP) has been established to provide high quality GSM cellular services at affordable prices

  4. Review of the competition Star: Grameen phone Question: mark:Robi Cash cow: Banglalink Dog: Airtel

  5. Marketing Mix Promotion Promotion Promotion Promotion Our marketing mix consists of Product Price Place Promotion

  6. Analysis of SWOT Strengths: Market Leader Skilled Human Resource Largest Geographical Coverage Brand Name / Grameen Image

  7. Weaknesses: Poor interconnection with BTTB No long-term Distribution/Channel strategy Different departments not working together Complicated price structure

  8. 4Opportunities: Economic growth of Bangladesh Huge need for telecom services New international gateway Growth in other operator will give more connection. Declining prices for handsets

  9. Threats: Devaluation of Taka Price war BTTB has limited capacity for interconnections Risk of fire in GP’s Installation

  10. Objective and issues In this report I have tried to look into the two major activities of HR e.g. Recruitment & Selection & Training & Development of the Sales Department under the Marketing & Sales Division of Grameen Phone. I will also show how these activities support the organization’s overall strategy, and how it is linked to other sales activities within the organization

  11. Market strategy Grameen phone target market would not only consist of higher level people and corporate offices but also renowned colleges and universities where internet access is a must

  12. A breakdown of our major customers #Corporate people #Working Men & Women (at home) #Business Office # Village people #Remote people #Young generation

  13. Promotional strategy: Advertising: For our product’s advertising we will use informative advertising. Our consumers must get sufficient information from the advertisement so that they understand the necessity of our service. We are planning to give our advertisement in Television, Radio and we will also do postering in the in many places huts of our target area.

  14. Newspaper In every day we give advertisement on Prothom alo Bangladesh protidin The new age Kaler kontho Daily star The independent The daily sun and etc.


  16. Radio advertisement We are planning to broadcast our advertisement on Radio furti,Radioamar, Radio today, Radio Abc every day of the year, 8 times a day. It will be a 30 second advertisement. The tariff is 1200 taka per advertisement and it will cost us almost 3.5 million in a year.

  17. Billboard advertisement • We provide all important public place in Bangladesh.

  18. Public relation We have a special offer for corporate people. The schedule and prices are customized on their favor.

  19. Personal selling We arrange various campaigns in school, college, university and many high officials



  22. CONCLUSION: GrameenPhone Ltd is still a growing company, in spite of all the success it has achieved so far. It holds kind of a monopoly position in the mobile telecommunications market. However, it cannot afford to get complacent. Competition is always on the lookout for new ideas and schemes. In order to maintain its number one position in the market, it is imperative that GP focus on the people who matter most to the companies- the people. Now the various dealers, distributors, outlets, and/or agents are GP’s representatives to the people. It is the impression that these individuals create that will influence people’s impression of GP. It is thus highly important for GP to act favorably towards these individuals, give them as much support and assistance as possible. GP must make time to hear the feelings and views of these individuals.