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Jupiter Jack Cell

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Jupiter Jack Cell
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Jupiter Jack Cell

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  1. Jupiter Jack | Affordable Handsfree Adapter Purchase the Jupiter Jack and take advantage of the limited time Two for One Offer! http://www.Buy-JupiterJack.com

  2. Jupiter Jack | Affordable Handsfree Adapter For a limited time, you will get a free Jupiter Jack with your purchase. Jupiter Jack is the solution to getting an affordable handsfree adapter! http://www.Buy-JupiterJack.com What you get with your Jupiter Jack Purchase: * Jupiter Jack Cell Phone Holder .... * An Additional Jupiter Jack for free .... * A way to adhere to new regulations .... * A $20 solution to obtain a handsfree adapter .... So, What IS the Jupiter Jack and how do I know if it will work?

  3. Jupiter Jack The Jupiter Jack is a cell phone accessory which plugs into the headphone port of your cell phone. Once plugged in it broadcasts your conversation on 99.3FM of your radio. It also comes with a cell phone holder which effortlessly mounts to your car. How can you go wrong for $20! Basically, you just preset 99.3FM into your car radio and at the push of a button you have an instant hands free cell phone device for the fraction of the price. Jupiter Jack is the affordable solution to remaining legal and preserving the safety of your family and the public. http://www.Buy-JupiterJack.com

  4. Does the Jupiter Jack Work? There is no doubt that this handsfree device works as advertised because this technology has been around for many years. Matter in fact, before cd players were factory installed in every vehicle we frequently used this technology to transmit the music from our cd players to the car radio through an electronic modulator device. The Jupiter Jack works on exactly the same principle. Of course, you will not receive the same quality as a handsfree car kit that costs hundreds of dollars but it will definitely operate efficiently and enable you to enjoy an inexpensive handsfree alternative for your vehicle.

  5. Jupiter Jack Suggestions Since the Jupiter Jack uses your car radio to broadcast your cell phone conversation it is set to work on a specific frequency- which is 99.3FM. In view of this, it is advised that you set one of your car radio presets to 99.3FM beforehand. In this way, you avoid the distraction of trying to tune to the right radio frequency on your car stereo when you get a call and can just press a button to gain instant functionality of the Jupiter Jack unit. http://www.Buy-JupiterJack.com