wholesale flooring deals hardwood flooring n.
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Wholesale Flooring Deals | Wholesale Flooring | All-Laminate-Flooring PowerPoint Presentation
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Wholesale Flooring Deals | Wholesale Flooring | All-Laminate-Flooring

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Wholesale Flooring Deals | Wholesale Flooring | All-Laminate-Flooring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The company has a large showroom with a great selection of hardwood, laminate, tile and granite. We Offer competitive prices on all the items. Resident\'s first choice for everything flooring. \nhttp://wholesaleflooringdeals.com/

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wholesale flooring deals hardwood flooring


Hardwood floors are easily one of the most beautiful focal points of any home that possesses them.

They come from a wide variety of woods and can be finished in just about any color and finish you can

imagine. While hardwood floors are very durable and traffic resistant, proper care and maintenance is

essential to keeping these floors beautiful for many, many years.

The key to keeping hardwood floors looking beautiful lies with keeping them as clean and dry as

possible. Dust and other debris on the surface of hardwood flooring get ground into the finish, and this

causes floors to dull over time. The longer this surface contamination is left on the floor, the more

deeply embedded the debris becomes and this causes more damage to the finish. If not attended to,

this can actually strip away the finish and leave raw wood exposed. Keeping a good coat of wax on the

floors will prevent casual spills from absorbing into the wood if you act quickly clean them up.

The biggest problem with hardwood floors is getting them scratched by the demands that simply living

on them causes. You must take care when moving things around on hardwood floors. When living on

hardwood floors, do not drag anything across them when moving furniture or other heavy objects. Use

large area rugs under heavy furniture, and keep pads under furniture legs, as these will move when sat

upon or brushed up against. These will dig into the wood if left unprotected. Large dogs with toenails

that click as they walk can do a lot of damage to hardwoods. Even small dogs and cats can damage

hardwood floors. If their toenails are clicking on your hardwoods, it is time to clip them back. Have a

door mat so people can clean the soles of their shoes before they walk on the hardwoods. Carpet

pets also may have an accident on your floors

Pets also may have an accident on your floors, and these must be attended to as soon as found. The

beauty of the floor and the health of your family is at stake. Bacteria in the animal's urine or feces are a

health hazard, and when animal fluids get on hardwood floors, acids in the fluid will attack the floor. It is

important to use something like Orange Glo that will eliminate the acids. Keeping your floors properly

waxed will help prevent these stains from penetrating the wood as quickly.

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