The protestant reformation
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The Protestant Reformation. Catholic vs. Protestant. SWBAT list the causes of the reformation define the Reformation Explain the reasons why Europeans were becoming dissatisfied with the practices of the Church. Understand the ideas of Luther by exploring his “Ninety-Five Theses”.

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The protestant reformation

The Protestant Reformation

Catholic vs. Protestant


  • list the causes of the reformation

  • define the Reformation

  • Explain the reasons why Europeans were becoming dissatisfied with the practices of the Church.

  • Understand the ideas of Luther by exploring his “Ninety-Five Theses”

Monday october 1 2012
Monday October 1, 2012

  • Have HW on your desk

  • Do Now: sit with assigned groups and discuss homework questions. THEN be able to answer the following:

  • People of Europe, especially in the North, felt that the church was corrupted and needed a reform. Before the actual separation from the church, what were some people doing to take the issue into their own hands?

  • What was the Great Schism? Did this make the idea of reforming the church more or less imperative to the people?

  • Why is Martin Luther an important character in the Protestant Reformation?

  • How do the ideas of the Renaissance directly influence the ideas of the Reformation?

Tuesday october 2 2012
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

  • Have homework out on your desk!

  • Do Now:

What is the reformation
What is the Reformation?

  • attempt to REFORM the Catholic Church

  • Goal: to get rid of the corruption & restore people’s faith in the church

  • Result: established their own religions

  • The Reformation cause a split in Christianity

  • formation of new Protestant religions


Broke into 2 major religions



Causes 1 avignon papacy
Causes: #1: Avignon Papacy

  • Started as a fight between King of France (Phillip IV) and Pope (Boniface VIII) over taxes.

  • Phillip arrests Boniface who dies shortly thereafter

  • Phillip arranged for the election of Clement V (French) placed in him Avignon.

    • Allows for French influence over the Papacy

    • Avignon papacy last from 1309-1378

Causes 2 the great schism
Causes:#2: The Great Schism

  • 1377 Pope Gregory XI returns to Vatican to try to restore peace.

  • Dies later that year

  • A group of Cardinals choose new Pope Urban VI

    • Picked for faithfulness to Avignon Papacy

    • BUT Urban shuns Avignon

    • Cardinals see him as unfit & select a new Pope

      • Clement VII (Medici), sets up shop in Avignon

    • Urban still in Vatican


One church two popes

  • Divided Popes look to create alliances.

  • Becomes political

  • Avignon Pope:

    • supported by France, Castile, Scotland

  • Roman Pope:

    • supported by Holy Roman Empire, England, Portugal and most of the Italian States


Causes of the reformation
Causes of the Reformation

  • Indulgences: raise $$ to build St. Peter’s (Rome) = “passes” to heaven.

  • Printing Press: literacy & individual interpretation of Bible

  • Simony: auction off Church offices to raise $$

  • Pluralism/Absenteeism: A result of simony  many church officials not in church Sunday morning - they hold more than once office


  • Christians impatient with the Church’s corruption

  • During the Renaissance:

    • Popes lived a lavish lifestyle

    • Church = patrons of the arts ($$)

    • To pay, the Church increased religious services

      • Marriages, baptisms

    • Promoted the sale of indulgences

  • What are indulgences?

    • Pardon for sins committed during a person’s lifetime.

    • People would pay $$ or goods for forgiveness

The main players reformation
The Main Players: Reformation

  • Martin Luther

  • John Calvin

  • King Henry VIII of England

Martin luther
Martin Luther

  • Martin Luther

  • 1483-1546

  • German Priest & theology professor

  • Confronted idea of indulgences & Tetzel

  • Tetzel

  • Dominican Friar,

  • sold indulgences around Wittenberg, Germany

    • To pay for new St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

  • Luther’s Reaction:

  • Published “the Ninety-Five Theses” October 31, 1517

  • Posted it on a German Church’s door

Luther s 95 theses
Luther’s 95 Theses

  • 95 Complaints

  • He criticized:

    • The power of the pope

    • The extreme wealth of the church

    • Indulgences (Catholic concept of salvation)

  • Printing press made it possible to spread his beliefs

    • Originally written in Latin

    • Translated to German(commoners could understand)


  • Martin Luther Packet

  • Periods 3 & 7: Due Tomorrow 10/2

  • Period 4: Due Wednesday 10/3

  • Protestant Reformation QUIZ: Thursday 10/4


  • Study for Quiz

  • Protestant Reformation QUIZ: Thursday 10/4