John hick soul making theodicy
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John Hick soul-making theodicy. Hick first presented this theodicy in Evil and the God of Love in 1966 (revised in 1978). It is a modern classic. 1. Presuppositions God exists & is good and limitlessly powerful. John Hick soul-making theodicy.

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John hick soul making theodicy
John Hick soul-making theodicy

  • Hick first presented this theodicy in Evil and the God of Love in 1966 (revised in 1978). It is a modern classic.

    • 1. Presuppositions

      • God exists & is good and limitlessly powerful

John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 1

John hick soul making theodicy1
John Hick soul-making theodicy

  • Humans are on a pilgrimage. What is the pilgrimage all about? What is the goal of the pilgrimage? (287, 290)

  • 2. Criticisms of Augustine’s theodicy

    • The Golden Age & fall is a myth

    • Fall of the angels is logically implausible

  • John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 2

    John hick soul making theodicy2
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • Aside: Hick’s proposed interpretation of the meaning of the Garden fall story

      • Expresses the gap between what we are and what God intends us to be eventually (284).

  • 3. Hick’s theodicy - Irenaean

    • Inspired by Irenaeus’s (120-202 A.D.) use of the pilgrimage metaphor

  • John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 3

    John hick soul making theodicy3
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • Is consonant with evolution.

    • The 2 stages of evolution -- image & likeness, bios & zoe

    • Contra Augustine, under the pilgrimate model, perfection lies in the future not in the past

    John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 4

    John hick soul making theodicy4
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • What kind of a world and what kind of human nature is required for such a pilgrimage? What are the conditions for the possibility of soul-making?

      • Humans must be free

        • Requires a degree of autonomy

        • Requires epistemic distance (without this humans would not be free)

    John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 5

    John hick soul making theodicy5
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • Nature also must have a degree of autonomy (perhaps more appropriately semi-autonomy)

      • Counter-factual pictures of the world (289). The world must be a relatively stable & consistent place in order for humans to engage in the pilgrimage, in order to make moral choices & pursue knowledge.

      • This explains non-moral evil

    John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 6

    John hick soul making theodicy6
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • 4. Cleaning up loose ends

      • The intensity of evil

      • Evil strikes indiscriminately (the story of Job)

        • Consider counter-factual situation

      • Soul-making is incomplete & even a failure for many

    John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 7

    John hick soul making theodicy7
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • Critical evaluation

      • What saves this theodicy from being a simple character-building theodicy (cf. football coach)?

        • Hick’s theory applies not only to individual but to history of humankind, the evolutionary process

    John Hick's soul-making theodicy - 8

    John hick soul making theodicy8
    John Hick soul-making theodicy

    • Evil exists not only for soul-making but also to make genuine freedom possible; the possibility of evil is a necessary condition for freedom, & freedom is a necessary condition for soul-making

  • Does the theodicy require us to accept too many presuppositons?

    • Response: This is the nature of grand systems.

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