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Welcome and Introduction

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SBN Workshop 2006. Welcome and Introduction Six Keynote and Discussion Sessions FRIDAY Seamounts from Space, Their Ages and Life Cycles Integrated Seamount Studies ― Vailulu’u Seamount Microbial Community Characterization

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SBN Workshop 2006

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Six Keynote and Discussion SessionsFRIDAY Seamounts from Space, Their Ages and Life Cycles Integrated Seamount Studies ― Vailulu’u Seamount Microbial Community Characterization
  • SATURDAY Benthic Ecology and Oceanographic Controls Fisheries, Conservation and Endemism Hydrothermal Systems ― Physics and Chemistry
  • Two 60 Minute Breakout SessionsIntegrated Seamount Observatories Database Needs, Cyberinfrastructure and the Seamount Catalog Seamount White Paper SBN Goals and Tasks
  • Poster and Plenary Sessions

Sponsors SBN Workshop 2006

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Center for Earth Observations Applications (CEOA)
slide3 Coordination Network

on Seamounts  Goals

  • Bring Together the Diverse Science Disciplines Involved in Seamount Research
  • To Communicate About and Discuss Seamount science
  • To Explore Innovative Ways to Network Between Seamount Science Disciplines

Breakout Sessions

  • How can we Develop as a Network
  • What Tools and Features will help us to Bridge Gaps Between Seamount Science Disciplines
  • How do we Facilitate Open Access to All Types of Seamount Data
  • How can we be More Successful at Explaining the Value of Studying Seamounts

Breakout Sessions

  • Split Up in Four Groups to Prepare Agenda for Final Plenary Discussion on Saturday
  • Everybody can Participate in Each Breakout Session in the Long Term, but we need to form Small Groups to Work Out a Plan
  • Elect or Create a Long Term Structure and Plan for How To Continue Past this Workshop
  • Long Term Participation is Possible for Everybody by Keep Supplying Information and Data or by Being an Active Contributor

Breakout Sessions

  • Creating a Seamount Biogeoscience Network: Needs and Goals (Sun City)Lead: K. Edwards, D. ClaguePanelists: E.L. Winterer, Th. Hansteen, J. O'Connor, G. Wheat, D. Sandwell W. Lavelle, M. Sogin, B, Tebo, K. Wishner, A. Pile
  • Seamount Observatory: Interdisciplinary Needs and Goals (Vaughn 100 & Munk Lab)Lead: A. Fisher, L. MullineauxCEOA Representative: J. OrcuttPanelists: M. Perfit, A. Kluegel, R. Blake, A. Malahoff, R. Pinkel, A. Templeton T. Shank, B. Christiansen

Breakout Sessions

  • White Paper: From Conference Report to Seamount Science Vision (Hubbs Hall)Lead: H. StaudigelPanelists: R. Stern, R. Duncan, W. Bach, C. Mohn, J. Huber, C. Moyer L. Levin, C.M. Young, M. Clark
  • SBN Database Needs, CyberInfrastructure and the Seamount Catalog (Board Room)Lead: A. Koppers, K. Stocks Panelists: D. Wright, J. Helly, D. Emerson, B. Bailey, J.Smith

Poster Sessions # Geology

Davis, A S; Clague, D A; Paduan, J B; Cousens, B L

Rodriguez Seamount, a non-hotspot ocean island volcano located at the continental slope of the California Borderland

Hansteen, T H; Grevemeyer, I; Hanel, R; Kraus, G; Schneider, J;Masson, D G; Le Bas, T; Faria, B Seamounts at the Cape Verde Islands: The Geosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere Connection

Klügel, A; Hansteen, T H Henry Seamount, Western Canary Islands: Old Structure or Recently Active Volcano?

Paduan, J B; Clague, D A; Davis, A S; Huard, J

Evidence that Three Seamounts off Southern California were Ancient Islands

Smith, J R; Dunbar, R B; Parrish, F A

Reconnaissance Geological Mapping From First Multibeam Surveys and Submersible Dives at the U.S. Line Islands of Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll, and Kingman Reef


Poster Sessions # Mn Crusts

Asavin, A M; Chesalova, E I

The Economic Model Of The Fe-Mn Crust Exploration On The Seamount

A.M. Asavin; A M, Melnikov; M Y, Sapozhnikov, D Y

The Concentration Of PGE And Trace Elements In Manganese Crust On The Alkaline Basalts Magelan Seamounts

Hein, J R; Staudigel, H; McIntyre, B

Water-Depth, Geographic, and Oceanographic Controls on Ferromanganese Crust Compositions Along a NW-SE Transect of the Equatorial Pacific


Poster Sessions # Fluids

Dunk, R M; Peltzer, E T; Brewer, P G

The Characteristics, Behavior and Fate of a Stream of CO2 Released Into the Ocean

Harris, R N; Fisher, A T

Fluid Flow Through Seamounts: Implications for Global Heat and Mass Flux

Hutnak, M; Fisher, A; Stauffer, P; Gable, C

Numerical Models Generate Time-varying (Periodic) Hydrothermal Discharge Through a Seamount

Myer, D

Looking inside Loihi with Electrical Resistance Tomography


Poster Sessions # Oceanography

Pinkel, R

The Hawaii Ocean Mixing Experiment

Poster Sessions # Biogeochemistry

James, R E; Scott, S D; Ferris, F G

Role of Biomineralization in the Preservation of Sheathed and Stalked Iron – Oxidizing Bacteria at Seafloor Hydrothermal Vents

Blake, R; Moyer, C; Dogru, D

Microbial activity and temperature recorded in 18O/16O ratios of iron oxide-bound phosphate at Loihi and Larson’s Seamounts


Poster Sessions # Microbiology and Fisheries

Clark, M

Sustainable Deep – Seamount Fisheries: Wishful Thinking or Attainable Goal? A New Zealand Perspective

Jones, W J; Tyler, P; Clague, D; Vrijenhoek, R

Population genetics and ecology of seamount clam (Limidae: Acesta) populations in the northeastern Pacific Ocean

Lundsten, L

Observations and comparisons of Californian seamount communities.


Poster Sessions # Organizations 1

Malahoff, A

A Darwinian View of the Diverse Habitats of Seamounts and Active Submarine Volcanoes from the Results of a Cross- Disciplinary, Multi-Institutional South Seas Expedition from Hawaii to New Zealand and Back

Christiansen, B

OASIS - Oceanic Seamounts: an Integrated Study

Huber, J; Morrison, H; Welch, D ; Huse, S; Neal, P; Sogin, M

The International Census of Marine Microbes (ICoMM) and a strategy for exploring microbial diversity throughout the world’s oceans.


Poster Sessions # Organizations 2

Clark, M; Rowden, A; Stocks, K; Consalvey, M

“CenSeam”: a new Census of Marine Life project: working towards a global baseline and synthesis of seamount data

Stocks, K I

SeamountsOnline: an online information system for seamount biodiversity

Koppers, A; Staudigel, H; Helly, J; Minnett, R;

Perez, J; Keizer, P

The Seamount Catalog and the Web Portal

Orcutt, J

CEOA: Center for Earth Observations Applications


Building aSeamount Data Portal (SDP)

Creating a Seamount Data Network and Cyberinfrastructureis one of the Major SBN goals.

Using the Web Portal and the Seamount Catalog as the Starting Point from which to create this SDP.

Allowing the SDP to know WhereandWhat to find on the Internet in Terms of Seamount Data.

Making this Portal Interoperable with Other Authoritative Seamount Resources on the Web.


Seamount Catalog +

The Website and Databases contain alreadya Series of DatabasesandTools that are very useful for running an International Network on Seamounts.

Resides at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC).


What is Available on

  • 1,800 Seamounts
  • 4,600 Maps and Grids
  • 15,000 Multibeam, Sidescan and Island SRTM Topography Data Files
  • 95,000 Publications, in particular, from AGU
  • 2,000 Registered Users
  • 600 Uploaded Data Files in ERDA Digital Archive
  • Paleomagnetic Data for 4,000 Publications
  • Geochemical Data for 200 Publications

Seamount Catalog

  • Directly via or via Home Page
  • Source for …
    • Multibeam, Sidescan Data
    • Bathymetry Grids and Six Standard Bathymetric Maps
    • Sample Locations (dredging, coring, boxcoring, DSDP, ODP, etc)
    • Morphology and Age Data
    • Referral to Data Available Elsewhere
    • Any Other Data Without a Home (CTD for example)
    • Expedition Data, Literature Data and Seamount References
  • Links to EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA)
    • Allows you to Upload Files and Associate them with Seamounts
    • BENEFIT: Your Files will be Available from the Persistent Archives of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) in the Long Term



Products …


What is Needed for a SDP … ?

Get an Understanding between Different Seamount Databases on Interoperability: Which Data or Metadata will be Shared and on What Level of Granularity ?

How to make this Interoperability most Efficient through the use of a Common Seamount Identifier, lat-lon info, or both ?

The SDP will create Traffic towards the Online Seamount Databases, but what about the other way around ?

What kind of IT Tools are required ?


Posters + Break Out Sessions …

There are VariousPosters displayed that will tell you What Kind of Seamount Data are already being represented on the Internet.

There will be two Break Out Sessions that will Discuss the Database Needs for designing the SDP and how to Effectively Relate the Data in All Ongoing Projects and Databases.