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Toni Janik MDMLG April 22, 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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Toni Janik MDMLG April 22, 2004

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Toni Janik MDMLG April 22, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MEDICAL DIGITAL LIBRARIES. Toni Janik MDMLG April 22, 2004. Why Medical Digital Libraries?. 24 hour access to collection Ability to access library from home, office, patient bedside - not just within the walls of the library Less space required Easier to search

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Toni Janik

MDMLG April 22, 2004

why medical digital libraries
Why Medical Digital Libraries?
  • 24 hour access to collection
  • Ability to access library from home, office, patient bedside - not just within the walls of the library
  • Less space required
  • Easier to search
  • Most current edition always available
  • Growing amount of medical information and need to provide the best available
  • Review of current issues, products and trends using
    • Medline
    • Publisher and Vendor web sites and conference displays
    • Professional library journals
    • Web search using a variety of search engines including Google, Metacrawler, and Altavista.
    • Vendor trials of a variety of digital products
medical digital hospital libraries
Medical Digital Hospital Libraries
  • Botsford
  • Ottawa
  • Allen & Betty Taylor Library - UWO
  • Accessibility & Connectivity – IP, passwords, firewalls…
  • Collection Development
  • Licensing
  • Managing Complexity
  • Multi-sited Organizations, Partnerships & Consortiums
  • Connectivity – IP, passwords, firewalls…
  • User Group - Who….
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Allied Health Care Staff
    • Administration
    • Students from local colleges, universities?
    • Medical students from UWO?
    • Patients, family members
    • General public? ...
collection development
Collection Development
  • Policy
    • All digital or combination of print and digital ?
  • Where to begin?
    • Journal subscriptions that include an online edition
    • Journals indexed in Medline or CINAHL
    • Fulltext journals bundled with databases currently subscribed to. ie. EbscoMed
    • Fulltext books that are on the “Brandon and Hill recommended list for small libraries”.
    • Consortium packages that are affordable and meet our collection and users needs. (MHSLA, MLC, SOHLIN)
collection development cont d
Collection Development cont’d
  • Inclusion of trial packages of books and journals for feedback from user group
  • Selection of full text packages that reflect information needs of health care team
  • Increased database selections that include all/selected fulltext i.e.. Quicklaw, IPAB, E-Psyche ...
  • Digital collections are often priced higher than their paper counter parts.
  • Per year costs for digital compared to per edition costs for paper
  • Typical journal costs rise 18-23 % per year and library budgets are fixed or decreasing
  • Ongoing technical hardware and software costs to maintain access
  • Increased or decreased Interlibrary Loan costs due to growing digital collections?
  • Lack of Standardization
  • Same product - different deals ?
  • Often changes during the license period
  • Publisher, third party vendor, direct
    • Not all e-products are available through vendors only directly from publisher sites.
licensing cont d
Licensing Cont’d
  • Cost – per employee, annual patient admissions, concurrent user, per computer station
  • Who does the negotiating?
    • Librarian
    • Computer services (IS) department
    • Hospital lawyers
managing complexity
Managing Complexity
  • The Complexity
    • of Systems
    • of Resources
    • of Users
  • Users
  • Archive availability
  • ILL’s not always allowed by publisher
  • CD-ROM
  • Intranet vs. Internet
  • Servers
    • Hospital server
    • Library server
    • Vendor server
    • Publisher server
  • Platform changes, migration, ...
  • Changing url’s
  • Authentication
  • Publisher / vendor changes
    • Devine Ebsco
  • Who offers what your users want?
    • Is what you want available digitally
  • Bundles
  • Embargoes
  • Define who are your library’s users
  • What are the information needs of the various user groups
    • Information Sources
    • Access Points
    • Technological Expertise
  • What percentage of the collection’s budget will be allocated to each group
multi sited organizations partnerships consortiums

Preferred pricing

ILL within group

Cooperative training

Resident “experts”

Users become familiar with common interface


Everyone gets the same package

Common renewal date

Tied to each other’s budgets

Must all choose IP or password access

Concurrency is for all ~ not by institution

Multi-sited Organizations, Partnerships & Consortiums
our collection
Our Collection
  • E - Books
    • Harrison’s Internal Medicine
    • Statref! (MHSLA)
    • LWW Ovid

E - Journals

    • New England Journal of Medicine and others through publisher sites
    • AtoZ
    • Proquest Nursing and Medical
    • OVID Journals
    • Science Direct
    • JAMA (through EbscoMed)
access points to e products
Access Points to E-Products
  • Bookmarks
  • EbscoMed fulltext links from databases
  • Publisher site for individual titles
  • Directed study web site
  • Proquest site for Medical/Nursing
  • Science Direct
  • Ovid LWW site
  • AtoZ
  • HDGH Library intranet site
where to go next
Where to go next...
  • Create a intranet site for all our digital products – under construction
  • Create library forms on our web site for our patrons to use for Reference and Interlibrary Loan
  • Ongoing trials for e-products for our health sciences collection
suggestions comments
Suggestions, Comments …
  • Will the digital library of tomorrow meet your information needs?