npa std 12 jar fstd h explanatory paper n.
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NPA-STD 12 JAR FSTD H Explanatory Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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NPA-STD 12 JAR FSTD H Explanatory Paper

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NPA-STD 12 JAR FSTD H Explanatory Paper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NPA-STD 12 JAR FSTD H Explanatory Paper
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  1. NPA-STD 12 JAR FSTD HExplanatory Paper A Presentation by Eric Hendrikse (NL-CAA) JAR-FSTD WG Member JAA-STD-Stg member

  2. Current Status JAR-STD (H)

  3. JAR-STD H Status (cont.) • The 3 Standards for Helicopter STDs have been developed and refined over the past 10 years • Membership of the JAR STD WG changed over this period of time • As a result, much of administrative and regulatory Process Material has become dissimilar

  4. Consequences • CJAA Operations Division Business Plans for 2004 and 2005 authorised the review of the Standards for Synthetic Training Devices • Continuation of compliance with JAR 11 is ensured • The Regulatory Process for STDs shall be updated with the current Best Practices

  5. Options • Update and maintain the 3 different standards • One combined document with a common Set of procedures and 3 sets of parallel technical standards

  6. Decision : NPA-STD 12

  7. Purpose of this NPA JAR-STD 1H JAR-STD 2H JAR-STD 3H JAR FSTD H

  8. Background of JAR FSTD H • The Standards for the qualification of the family of devices remain unchanged: • Flight Simulators (FFS) • Flight Training Devices (FTD) • Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainers (FNPT) • The Base Document is JAR-STD 1H(Initial Issue April 1st 2001)

  9. Background of JAR-STD 1H • A combined WG FAA / JAA revised the ICAO Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulators • Further the FAA and JAA Technical Standards for Flight Simulators will be common • The Result was the issue of JAR-STD 1H, in compliance with JAR 11

  10. JAR-FSTD H Details (1) • The Standards for all families of devices remain unchanged • CJAA authorised review of the STD- Standards ensures compliance with JAR 11 • Regulatory Process for Qualifying STDs always realigned with the current best practise

  11. JAR-FSTD H Details (2) • The collective term STD was replaced by FSTD, Flight Simulation Training Device • The term Flight Simulator was replaced by FFS, Full Flight Simulator • These new terms were chosen to align with the FAA/JAA revised terminology (Part-60)

  12. JAR-FSTD H Details (3) • Appendix 1 to JAR-FSTD H.030 combines the Standards for all types and levels into one table • ACJ 1 to JAR-FSTD H.030 combines the Objective / Function and Subjective Testing requirements for all types and levels into two tables

  13. JAR-FSTD H Details (4) • Limited changes ensure previous texts from JAR-STD 1H, 2H, and 3H are now unified • In parallel, the Standards for Aeroplane STDs were combined in a JAR-FSTD A Document (NPA-STD 11)

  14. Regulatory Impact Assessment • No Impact on Safety • No Economic Impact • No Environmental or Social Impact • A positive Impact on Harmonisation

  15. Consultation (1) • Throughout the development regular consultation has taken place between: • Regulatory Specialists • Industry Representatives, including: • Aircraft Manufacturers • Synthetic Training Device Manufacturers • Training Providers • The draft version JAR FSTD H was circulated for comments

  16. Consultation (2) • The consultation process resulted in many constructive comments • As the changes are mainly of a procedural and administrative nature .... • .... no dissenting comments were received

  17. Final Consultation JAA Public comment proces as final stage of consultation prior to adaption of this NPA by the JAA Regulation Sectorial Team.

  18. Summary and Final Assessment JAR-STD 1H JAR-STD 2H JAR-STD 3H • No Impact on Costs • Enhanced clarity through common standards JAR FSTD H

  19. Thank You for your attention.