did you know you can get health insurance cover for lifestyle diseases as well n.
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buy health insurance

buy health insurance

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buy health insurance

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  1. Did you know? You can get health insurance cover for lifestyle diseases as well!

  2. Believe it or not, but India has one of the highest number of heart patients and diabetics in the world. What’s scarier is that, despite this, very few Indians who suffer from such ailments have the protection of a health insurance policy. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that many individuals that suffer from such illnesses give up on health insurance, afraid they will not be provided with the coverage. However, this is not true and the following article will help you find a plan & make the right insurance choices.

  3. Conditional acceptance for diabetes is a real possibility. That’s right, many health insurance companies provide conditional acceptance. This means is that, they will provide a policy at usual premium amounts as long you have your condition in check. You will enjoy the normal cover, void of any restrictions at the same price everyone else pays! Of course, there is no uniformity in this regard amongst insurance providers.

  4. What if my condition is not so stable? Then you have the option to purchase a health insurance plan at a slightly steeper premium amount. Also, it will depend on the plan & coverage being offered. If the policy offers cover right from Day 1 of purchase, chances are, the premiums will be on the higher side. It’s a similar scenario if you suffer from a more advanced stage of the illness. For instance, individuals with Type-Two diabetes and/or high HbA1C and/or on insulin counts can expect more premium-loading.

  5. What about heart disease? In the case of heart disease, one can purchase a health insurance plan that offers dedicated coverage. These plans usually provide full cover for treatment costs and also cover things like OPD expenses, doctor’s visits & consultation, pharmacy expenses and diagnostics as well! Usually, with such plans, premiums payable are decided based on yearly medical check-ups. Most insurance providers will have yearly targets that, if met, will result in rewards such as discounted premiums & increased cover at the same premium amount.

  6. Are such plans are also available for diabetics as well? Yes, very much so! One can purchase a specialized health insurance for diabetes too. These plans usually come with features & benefits focused on the ailment. For example, some plans offer coverage for daily dialysis expenditure for several months, while others will even cover the cost of artificial limbs too. Again, such plans will have medical tests to determine premiums and will offer rewards if the insured shows improved test results.

  7. Just beware of restrictions. • So, as you can see, there are many ways to enjoy protection of health insurance even if you suffer from a lifestyle disease. However, when purchasing a plan to cover such an illness, remember to keep your eyes peeled for restrictions on sub-limits, co-pay, etc. Also, look out for waiting periods and remember to compare such restrictions from one lender to the next before finalizing.

  8. Hope this has been helpful, good luck and all the best!

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