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Writing a Marketing Plan

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Writing a Marketing Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing a Marketing Plan. Sports and Entertainment Marketing. What is a Marketing Plan. A formal, written document that directs a company’s activities for a specific period of time Outlines the goals and objectives and how the business plans to achieve them. Why is a Marketing Plan Important?.

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writing a marketing plan

Writing a Marketing Plan

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

what is a marketing plan
What is a Marketing Plan
  • A formal, written document that directs a company’s activities for a specific period of time
    • Outlines the goals and objectives and how the business plans to achieve them
why is a marketing plan important
Why is a Marketing Plan Important?
  • Provides a “road map” for how a product will enter the market, be advertised, and sold
  • Helps monitor a company’s performance
swot analysis


SWOT Analysis
  • Assessment that list and analyzes the company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Lists everything that can foster success or lead to failure of a business
stengths and weaknesses
  • Both are internal factors that affect business operation
  • Centers around the 3 C’s
    • Company – what does the company do well, where does it struggle, and the 5 P’s
    • Customers – who is the customer, how do they rate the quality
    • Competition – what is the market share, advantages and disadvantages over competition
oppertunities and threats
  • Both are external factors that affect business operation
    • Competition – What are they doing, changes in financial situation
    • Political Changes – government involvement (new laws and regulations)
    • Economic Factors – recession vs. prosperity
    • Socio-Cultural Factors – (demographics) diversity, health issues, current events
    • Technology – may help some industries but hurt others ex: digital photography
writing a marketing plan1
Writing a Marketing Plan
  • Parts of a Marketing Plan
    • Executive Summary
    • Description of Company/Organization – situation analysis
    • Objectives
    • Schedule of Events – marketing strategies/implementation
    • Responsibility Sheet
    • Budget
    • Statement of Benefits – evaluation and control
executive summary
  • Brief overview of the entire plan
  • This should be written LAST
  • Can only be one page
description of company
Description of Company
  • Explain company background
  • Take stock of where company has been
  • Where is it now – where is it headed
  • Discuss SWOT analysis here
  • What will you accomplish?
  • Must be
    • Single minded
    • Specific
    • Realistic
    • Measurable
    • Have a time frame
schedule of events
Schedule of Events
  • What is the time frame of your campaign?
    • Remember 1-3 months
  • How are you going to promote the campaign?
    • Special events – fashion shows, theme nights, etc.
    • Advertising – print, online, on TV
    • Display – in store signage, layout
    • Publicity – press releases, positive buzz
responsibility sheet
Responsibility Sheet
  • Who is responsible for each aspect of the promotional plan?
    • Only focus on THIS campaign, not overall
    • Create a chart for this section
    • Include all aspects of the campaign
  • How much will your plan cost?
  • Create a spreadsheet that includes ALL aspects of the campaign
    • Don’t leave anything out
    • Find realistic prices for what you want to do