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Politics of ELL. By: Joe Lofstedt and Katie Tamola. Current Definition.

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Politics of ell

Politics of ELL

By: Joe Lofstedt and Katie Tamola

Current definition
Current Definition

  • ELL-The term English language learner (ELL), as used here, indicates a person who is in the process of acquiring English and has a first language other than English. Other terms commonly found in the literature include language minority students, limited English proficient (LEP), English as a second language (ESL), and culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD).

Controversy bum bum bum
Controversy (BUM BUMBUM!)

  • English One language or the official language?

  • Proposition 63 (11/1986): California rules that English is their state’s official language!

    -Initiative: “to insure that the role of English as the common language of the State of California preserved and enhanced.”

Proposition 63 continued
Proposition 63 (Continued)

  • Bill Honig: “programs to teach non-English speakers” would be unaffected by P63

  • U.S. English: group that spent over $700,000 to get P63 passed)

  • U.S. English waited for the expiration of the CA’s bilingual education statue

  • The old statue had strict requirements in regards to establishing bilingual classrooms, how to evaluate LEP children, etc.

The shot heard around the usa
The Shot Heard Around the USA!

  • Many acts similar to P63 followed

  • Between 1987 and 1995, similar proposals were put forth

  • Eleven states passed these proposals

  • Bringing the total of “official-English” states to twenty.

But people want the bilingual ed law
But People Want the Bilingual Ed Law!

  • Fall 1986: “Virtually every school board and educators’ organization in California endorsed AB 2813”

  • AB 2813: A bill to extend the bilingual education law

  • 1987: The governor denies reauthorization on this bill

Teresa p v berkeley
Teresa P. v. Berkeley

  • Berkeley Unified School District had a Language Remediation Program

    • Plaintiff claimed that BUSD did not design program effectively

    • Teachers were not qualified to teach the material

    • School needed to examine programs for LEP students: Castañeda vs. Pickard 1981

English plus alternative
‘English Plus’ Alternative

  • To counter the English Only movement

    • United Latin American Citizens and Spanish American League Against Discrimination

      • These two groups launched campaign

    • “We don’t want a monolingual society. This country was founded on a diversity of language and culture, and we want to preserve that diversity.”

English plus cont
‘English Plus” (cont)

  • This offered a positive alternative

  • English + other tongues

  • Passed in three states

    • New Mexico, Oregon and Washington

  • As well as in municipalities

    • Atlanta, Tucson, Cleveland and Washington D.C.

Split into two groups
Split into two groups

  • Each group must draft an act for their state

  • One person needs to sponsor the piece of legislation

  • One person must be the Governor of the state

  • Group A

    • The demographics of your state by native language 20% Spanish, 15% Polish, 65% English

  • Group B

    • 5% Spanish 5% German and 90% English

Reminders for groups
Reminders for groups

  • For the Governor and half of the congress it is an election year

    • You are all re-running and want to win

  • You have five minutes

  • Discuss

Plot twist
Plot Twist

  • Your demographics have changed

  • Group A

    • The demographics of your state by native language 5% Spanish 5% German and 90% English

  • Group B

    • 20% Spanish, 15% Polish, 65% English

  • Are you going to change your Act? Why or why not?

Politics of ell

  • English Plus Information Clearinghouse

    • First national effort against English Only

    • One of the main objectives: fending off attacks on bilingual education

    • By 1988 this movement lost strength

      • “English minus”

The bennett years
The Bennett Years

  • 1985: US Secretary of Education William J. Bennett

    • We have “lost sight of the goal of [teaching] English” and instead adapted “ a way of enhancing students’ knowledge of their native language and culture”

    • He claimed bilingual education was “a failed path”

Bennett cont
Bennett (cont)

  • Non-English speakers were not loyal Americans

  • Bilingual education muddies the water for English acquisition

  • War on all languages other than English

Politics of ell

  • Break into 6 groups

  • Go to Wikipedia and search: Bilingual Education Act (reason for using Wikipedia accurate and easily searchable)

  • Group 1- 1968 Act, 2-1974, 3-1978, 4-1984, 5-1988 and 6-1994

Politics of ell

  • Renamed the English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act

  • Name change signifies a philosophical shift

  • Failure is determined by….tests

  • “The policy still remains highly debated at both the state and federal level.”