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Farm Safety 4 Youth PowerPoint Presentation
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Farm Safety 4 Youth

Farm Safety 4 Youth

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Farm Safety 4 Youth

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  1. Farm Safety 4 Youth The purpose of this program is to decrease the amount of farm deaths in the state of Illinois per year. The program will seek to accomplish this goal by means of formal seminars and information sessions with the objective of helping people understand how to stop these tragedies. Tests will be given to participants to see the levels of safety that are being used presently.

  2. Community Need

  3. Community Need Charts

  4. Logical Approach

  5. Logical Approach Literature Review • “Fatal Farm Injuries Among Young Children”- this article discussed deaths among children ages 0 to 9 years old. In Illinois, average annual death rates among children in this age group was 1.5 per 100,000 (32 deaths). Rates were 3 times higher for boys. Deaths occurred mostly in summer months and most involved machinery. • “Farm-Related Fatalities Among Children In California, 1980 To 1989”- 40 farm-related deathsamongchildrenunderage 15 in Califonia from 1980 to 1989. This study was done to compare deaths in California to deaths of children in the Midwest. What they found was very similar data and reasons for deaths among this age group. • “Fatal And Nonfatal Farm Injuries To Children And Adolescents In The United States”- For children younger than age 15, the rate of fatal farm injuries was 15.5/100,000 in the Northeast, 13.2 in the North central, 12.2 in the south, and 17.3 in the west. May to October recorded the most death and most children never received medical attention. OSHA only inspects farms having 10 or more non family employees and most deaths occur at small family farms.

  6. Logical Approach Works Cited Almi, L. Rachid, et al. "Fatal Farm Injuries Among Young Children."Pediatrics83.2 (1989): 267. Academic Search Elite. Schenker, Marc B., Ricardo Lopez, and GarenWintermute. "Farm- Related Fatalities Among Children In California, 1980 To 1989."American Journal Of Public Health 85.1 (1995): 89-92.Academic Search Elite. Rivara, Frederick P. "Fatal And Nonfatal Farm Injuries To Children And Adolescents In The United States." Pediatrics 76.4 (1985): 567. Academic Search Elite.

  7. Data Analysis Cross Tab: My program shows the number of people who are failing farm safety tests. The programs hope is that as more people are talked to about this program and start to understand why these accidents occur then more people will pass these tests and in the long term, less people will die because of farm accidents. This cross tab shows that before the program, 51.7 % of people who took the test are failing and 48.3% of people are passing. After the program, 53.7 % are failing the tests compared to 46.3 % of people who are not.

  8. Data Analysis Cont. Chi-Square: The chi-square test for my program showed that my program was not significant.

  9. Data Analysis Cont. Binary Logistic Regression: For my program I thought it would be important to control for gender because of the great discrepancy in male and female farm accident deaths. For this program however I found that this was not significant.

  10. Parameters

  11. Sustainability