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  1. CCX News – Serving the Crypto Community The Latest Crypto News Cryptocurrencies have gone so far ahead in terms of technology and adoption that not many crypto news sources are able to pace up. CCx News works tirelessly every second of the day to keep the cryptocurrency community with the latest headlines, not just with the news but with market reports that are accurate and easy to understand. Whether you want to know the most recent news to help with your cryptocurrency trading or increase your knowledge for the cryptocurrency conversations with your friends CCx News has you covered. Unbelievable Viewership CCx News has an enormous following given the accurate news that not only increases the community’s knowledge but help them in placing good trades. With hard work from the social media team, there has been a significant rise in readers (100,000 visitors per month) who view the articles of CCx News. With the steady increase in CCX News becoming more popular and cryptocurrency being a favorites subject the visitors can increase to 500,000 per month by 2019. Crypto Trading Made Easier If you are a trader looking to get into the cryptocurrency action don’t fret, CCx News has a wide array of services to take you on a positive start. With daily and weekly investments reports for the top Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum you don’t need to wonder which cryptocurrency to buy and when to sell. Many of you’ll may not have time to take part in cryptocurrency trading and may miss out on making the huge gains you read online. CCx News helps in cryptocurrency trading with a service that buys and sells Bitcoins and Litecoins for you to maximize on gains. Let CCx News make your money work for you! Been in the cryptocurrency trading action for a while but cannot pass that barrier, CCx News has professional traders who will help you. From a cryptocurrency portfolio creation to make your cryptocurrency investments organized to assisting you hop into the Bitcoin Futures trading, CCx News will make you achieve your cryptocurrency trading goals. Exclusive Event Coverage Cryptocurrency events are now flourishing in every corner of the world. CCx News is a media partner with several conferences and so updates on the latest happenings in cryptocurrency events near you. CCx News’s exclusively gives you insights on the event, so you know if it’s worth attending for knowledge you seek in the crypto space. One such event is the Blockchain East Summit + Trade Show 2018 which will take place in New York in October. The Cryptocurrency news influences the crypto markets, and so CCx News picks the right stories to cater to you. If you are a Bitcoin lover or a Ripple enthusiast, you will have the right news to make you make sound decisions. The FAQ page gives you in-depth content on the basics of Bitcoin to help you get started. What are you waiting for, visit CCx News today!