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Atmosphere Quiz Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Atmosphere Quiz Review

Atmosphere Quiz Review

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Atmosphere Quiz Review

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  1. Atmosphere Quiz Review Are you ready for tomorrow?

  2. Earth_s_Atmosphere__The_Properties_of_the_Atmosphere_asf.asf The_Sun_and_Weather_asf.asf

  3. What two gases make up 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere? • Nitrogen- 78% • Oxygen- 21% What gases make up the other 1%? • Argon (Ar) • Carbon dioxide (CO2) • water vapor (H2O) • Methane (CH4) • Which of the four gases above change in concentration from place to place and season to season? • Answer: Water vapor

  4. What is air pressure? • Air pressure is the amount of force air molecules push on an object • How does altitude affect air pressure? • As altitude increases… • Air pressure DECREASES How did the egg get into the flask?

  5. If you were an astronaut blasting off in a space shuttle… 1) What layer of the atmosphere could delay your launch? Answer: Troposphere- weather 2) What layer of the atmosphere would you cross the ozone layer? Answer: Stratosphere

  6. If you were an astronaut blasting off in a space shuttle… 3) What layer of the atmosphere would your space shuttle be the coldest? Answer: mesosphere 4) What layer of the atmosphere would you pass through last before outer space? Answer: Thermosphere What two layers is the thermosphere further broken down into? Answer: Ionosphere and Exosphere

  7. If you were an astronaut blasting off in a space shuttle… Which layer(s) of the atmosphere would have decreasing temperatures as you increased altitude? A: troposphere and mesosphere Which layers of the atmosphere would have increasing temps. As you increased altitude? A: stratosphere and thermosphere

  8. Why is the ozone layer important to life on Earth? • The ozone layer absorbs harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. UV light is harmful to life because it can destroy living cells and cause cancer in humans. Did you know? - If the ozone layer were brought down to the troposphere, it would be no thicker than the skin of an apple!

  9. What is density? • Density is the amount of mass an object has within a given volume Which is more dense and why? Coke or Diet Coke? Popped or un-popped popcorn? Wood or rock? Warm air or cold air? Troposphere air or mesosphere air?

  10. What is radiation? • Radiation is the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves

  11. What are some examples of radiation? DID YOU KNOW- Radiation is the only form of heat transfer that DOES NOT require the presence of molecules. Perfect example- the sun radiating heat to Earth through 93 million miles of outer space which is a vacuum!

  12. What is CONDUCTION? • Conduction is the transfer of heat through DIRECT CONTACT of molecules • Works best with solids such as metals

  13. What is CONVECTION? • Convection is the transfer of heat through the movement or circulation of a liquid or gas

  14. Name that heat transfer! You will be given some examples of heat transfer in the real world. Identify whether each situation is an example of radiation, conduction, convection, or a combination of all three ALSO…be able to explain your answer!

  15. George burns his hand touching his tray of tater tots without an oven mitt! (Ms. Stawski would cry) • Angela always keeps the heating vents in her car pointed at her feet because she knows that will warm her car faster • Natalie gets an early start on her tan by sunbathing in her living room under the skylight

  16. 4) Henry the Hawk floats upwards without flapping his wings, making this rat-catching day a breeze 5) Jimmy fries an egg on a rock in Death Valley, CA only to realize he has been scarred by blistering sunburn 6) Claudia forgets what the name of her new oven is, but she knows it has a fan in it.

  17. What is the greenhouse effect?

  18. What are some examples of greenhouse gases? • Carbon dioxide • Water vapor • Methane

  19. Questions to consider Why do fighter jet pilots wear oxygen masks? Why does the thermosphere have a high temperature, but not feel hot? What is the relationship between greenhouse effect and global warming? What would happen to Earth if the sun’s radiation suddenly increased?