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Idioms . Idioms with Animals(Bull). to take the bull by the horns = face a difficulty boldly like a bull in a china shop = a rough and clumsy person like a red tag to a bull = likely to cause anger

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Idioms with animals bull
Idioms with Animals(Bull)

  • to take the bull by the horns = face a difficulty boldly

  • like a bull in a china shop = a rough and clumsy person

  • like a red tag to a bull = likely to cause anger

  • a cock and bull story = an absurd and improbable story, used as an excuse or explanation


  • A-This is a difficult situation, be we will have to___________________________

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • like a red tag to a bull.

  • take the bull by the horns.

  • a cock and bull story


B- Yes, exactly because the car is rubbish and I went round to his garage like a bull in a china shop in the show room.




knocking everything over

running up to him

hitting everybody

Schools idioms
Schools Idioms to his garage

  • "the teacher's pet" -> MEANING: the teacher's favorite student-> EXAMPLE: My sister was always the teacher's petwhen she was in the first grade at school.

  • "have one's nose in a book"-> MEANING: be reading a book-> EXAMPLE: The boy loves to read and always has his nose in a book.


continue to his garage

  • "take the roll"-> MEANING: call the names of students in an attendance book and expect them to answer if they are there-> EXAMPLE: The teachertook the roll and then we started the lesson.

    "cow college"-> MEANING: a school where farming/agriculture is studied-> EXAMPLE: My cousin plans to go to a cow collegewhen he finishes high school.

School idioms exercise
School Idioms Exercise to his garage

C- Sarah always buys dozens of books. She loves science

fiction books, novels and poetry. She always…………………………

  • Cow Collage

  • teacher’s Pet

  • Has Her Nose in a Book


.D- The teacher always ………………. before starting the course.

  • teacher’s Pet

  • takes the roll

  • Cow collage

Idioms with numbers
Idioms With Numbers the course.

' in two shakes of a lamb's tail‘

-> MEANING: very quickly and without difficulty.

-> EXAMPLE : Wait one minute. I will be able to help

youin two shakes of a lamb's tail.

" two wrongs don't make a right "-> MEANING: you can't justify a wrong action by saying that someone else did the same thing to you

-> EXAMPLE: Two wrongs don't make a rightand if someone does something bad to you you should not try and hurt them as well.


  • ' seventh heaven' the course. -> MEANING: in a situation of great happiness-> EXAMPLE: She has beenin seventh heavensince she moved to the new department.

  • " six feet under "-> MEANING: dead and buried-> EXAMPLE: My uncle has been six feet under for over five years now.

  • " on all fours "-> MEANING: on one's hands and knees-> EXAMPLE: The man was down on all foursin the store looking for the keys to his car.


2. 'Every time she wins a match she's…………........................

3 . That boy pushed me yesterday and I am going to get him back today!' / 'No you are not! …………………………………………….‘

4. Hey — are you OK? I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're not ……………………..

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