abc miss pergrine s home for peculiar children n.
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ABC Miss.pergrine’s home for peculiar children PowerPoint Presentation
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ABC Miss.pergrine’s home for peculiar children

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ABC Miss.pergrine’s home for peculiar children - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ABC Miss.pergrine’s home for peculiar children. By: Brady Hueg. A is for alma peregrine. Alma Peregrine is a ymbryne who protects her peculiar children by keeping them in a loop of the day September 3, 1940 when a bomb hit their home. B is for bomb.

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Presentation Transcript
a is for alma peregrine
A is for alma peregrine

Alma Peregrine is a ymbryne who protects her peculiar children by keeping them in a loop of the day September 3, 1940 when a bomb hit their home.

b is for bomb
B is for bomb

The bomb is how Miss. Peregrine keeps her loop continuing by passing through a certain area and it balances on the garden statue of David.

c is for cairnholm island
C is for cairnholm island

Cairnholm Island is where Miss. Peregrine and her peculiars live and they’re safe there from the wights and hallowgasts.

d is for dr golan
D is for dr. Golan

Dr. Golan was Jacob’s therapist who was secretly a wight, but Jacob later killed him to save Miss. Peregrine and Miss. Avocet, even though afterwards Miss. Avocet was captured.

e is for emma
E is for Emma

Emma is a peculiar who has the power to make fire in the palms of her hands and she used to have a relationship with Abe, Jacob’s grandpa, before he left for the war and now has a relationship with Jacob.

f is for fiona
F is for Fiona

Fiona is a peculiar who can control plants by touching them so she can mold them and control their movement or growth.

g is for grandpa portman
G is for Grandpa Portman

Grandpa Portman was Jacob’s grandpa and was a peculiar who could see hollowgasts, but was killed by one.

h is for hollowgasts
H is for hollowgasts

Hollowgasts used to be peculiars but lost their souls and humanity in an experiment gone wrong in Siberia and they have to eat peculiars to turn into wights which gives them partial humanity, but still they have no souls.

i is for insomnia
I is for insomnia

Insomnia is what Horace has because he has dreams and when he has them they usually come true bad or good and they usually interfere with his sleep.

j is for jacob portman
J is for Jacob Portman

Jacob Portman is Abe’s grandson and he goes to Cairnholm Island to find Miss. Peregrine and her peculiar children, later on it turns out Jacob is a peculiar himself.

k is for kidnaped
K is for kidnaped

Miss. Peregrine and Miss. Avocet are kidnapped by Dr. Golan for use of the hollowgasts and wights, but in the end Jacob and the peculiars could only save Miss. Peregrine.

l is for loop
L is for loop

The loop is where Miss. Peregrine and her peculiars live on the same exact day every day, but there are also other loops in different times and places.

m is for millard
M is for Millard

Millard is a peculiar who is invisible and he studies everything on the island and knows when everything happens on the island.

n is for nightjar
N is for Nightjar

Miss. Nightjar is a ymbryne who takes difficult children who try to leave their loop to modern times.

o is for olive
O is for Olive

Olive is a peculiar who can levitate in the air, but she can’t control it, so they have to tie her down or make her wear weighed shoes.

q is for quaint
Q is for Quaint

Quaint is for Horace’s old-fashioned style with his top hat, monocle, and suit.

r is for ricky
R is for Ricky

Ricky is Jacob’s only friend and went hunting with Jacob to find his grandpa.

s is for smart aid
S is for Smart Aid

Smart Aid was where Jacob worked before his Grandpa Portman died.

t is for treecreeper
T is for Treecreeper

Miss. Treecreeper is a ymbryne who has a loop, but Miss. Peregrine is not sure when it’s at.

u is for uncle bobby
U is for Uncle Bobby

Uncle Bobby is one of the founders of Smart Aid and Jacob’s uncle.

v is for victor
V is for Victor

Victor was a peculiar with super strength and Bronwyn’s brother, but he was killed by hallowgasts.

w is for wight
W is for wight

Wights are hallowgasts but in a

semi-human state, but you can see them and they have no pupils.

x is for exterminate
X is for Exterminate

Exterminate is for how the wights and hollowgasts want to eat all the peculiars.

y is for ymbrynes

Ymbrynes are peculiars that can create loops to help other peculiars and ymbrynes can only be girls, also they can turn into birds.

z is for zealous
Z is for Zealous

Zealous is for how when Jacob believes when he’s younger all of Grandpa Portman’s stories.